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About CloudHealth Academy

CloudHealth Academy enables you to tap into the collective knowledge of our cloud experts to get the most benefit from the platform to:

  • Maximize ROI from the CloudHealth platform and your multi-cloud environment
  • Leverage industry benchmarks and established best practices
  • Drive engagement and increase stakeholder buy-in across your business

Access CloudHealth Academy

*To access CloudHealth Academy, log in to the CloudHealth platform, and navigate to the Help Center dropdown menu.

Training Formats

CloudHealth Academy offers multiple types of training:

  • Self-paced training - 60+ on-demand videos for just-in-time learning on using specific platform functionality.
  • Webinars - regularly scheduled instructor-led tutorials and Q&A. Get a general CloudHealth overview or learn about key areas of the platform.
  • Virtual instructor-led training - remote, interactive instructor-led sessions on a specified topic, using your company’s use cases and environment. Courses are typically an hour. They are designed to accommodate 3-12 members of your team.
  • On-site training - These interactive, in-person sessions are designed to train up to 12 members of your team. Course content is structured around your environment, based on your company’s needs, and includes hands-on labs.
  • Custom content development - enables you to work with the training team to modify existing content or create new content based on your organization's unique needs.
  • Certification - The CloudHealth certification program provides a tangible way to demonstrate your skills on the platform.

To register for classes, schedule onsite training, or learn about getting certified contact training@cloudhealthtech.com

Where do we Start?

We typically start by creating a training plan for your organization based on your business goals, team composition, and stage of cloud adoption. We can design a plan that accommodates the needs of various stakeholders. For example, it can include a high-level overview for executives, a deep dive for your finance team, and training tailored for engineers/ITOps.

To get consult with CloudHealth training on your training plan, contact training@cloudhealthtech.com