Scale My Cloud More Efficiently

Manage a Growing Cloud with a Flat Headcount

You can’t manage billions of data points.

Your cloud is beyond the scale of human complexity. If you are tasked with managing a large and complex cloud infrastructure, you know that managing your assets and dealing with continuous changes is extremely time consuming. The rapid rate of change and scope of complexity is often beyond what humans can tackle in any scalable fashion. As your cloud environment grows you need the ability to easily and effectively track and manage changes that occur on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. The only way to manage these dynamic environments is to set up guardrails that allow you to manage by exception. This allows you to manage your environment in a relatively hands-off manner, with alerts and policies that help you stay ahead of changes and incidents before they cause problems.



Who is Responsible for Cloud Optimization and Governance?

The cloud offers agility, flexibility, elasticity, and utility-based cost. How do you let departments and LOBs take advantage of these benefits through decentralized management, while still ensuring centralized governance to protect the corporate brand? Who is responsible, and what does that job entail?


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Boost productivity with recommendations and insights.

When you are managing a large cloud environment with a limited staff, gaining quick access to recommendations and insights is a key way to go faster. The Health Check Pulse Report offers an executive level view into key areas of your cloud environment, with recommendations and insights around optimizations for: immediate savings, operational savings, security risk exposure, cloud governance, and reservation management. In each area, you can drill down to get granular recommendations, and even take action within the platform itself. This reduces the time it takes to manage your cloud, while also enabling you to be more efficient.




CloudHealth Policies Reports

Automate daily operational tasks.

Managing your cloud just got easier. CloudHealth’s powerful active policy management gives you the ability to create complex rules and perform automation. Policies span multiple areas, including:

  • Financial management policies to stay within budget and to identify unexpected cost increases.
  • Cost optimization policies to proactively reduce and optimize costs in your cloud environment, including Reserved Instance management.
  • Operational governance policies such as automating the detection and elimination of zombies or unused infrastructure, flagging older instance types, or even scheduling environments to turn off and on again.
  • Performance management policies to monitor for utilization across CPU, memory, disk, and network.
  • Asset and configuration management policies to ensure tag compliance, or prevent unapproved assets from running.
  • Security management policies to ensure access control, identity management, network security and data security.



Cloud Steward with Wrench


Empower a cloud steward to lead the way.

A new role is emerging at organizations with a mature public cloud implementation: the Cloud Steward. The Cloud Steward is a cross-functional role that works across operations, finance, engineering, and lines of business and is responsible for the ongoing optimization and governance of the cloud infrastructure. This individual will also define and manage automated policies, analyze cost, usage, performance, and security across environments, and make recommendations on capacity planning, modeling, and forecasting. If you intend to scale up efficiently in the cloud, you need a cloud steward to drive governance.


Scale your cloud efficiently with your existing team.

Network of People and Servers



If you want to grow your cloud footprint exponentially, but don’t have the luxury of growing your staff exponentially, policies, automation, and governance are the keys to success. Define key roles, arm your team with the cloud management tools they need, and keep lines of communication open with other lines of business.