The desire for immediate access to rich, consumable content, is driving media and entertainment companies to adopt new and innovative cloud services. Regardless of whether your company focuses on content creation, broadcasting, or publishing, you all share the challenge of managing a rapidly growing cloud infrastructure. CloudHealth simplifies the management of your scaling operations, by identifying opportunities to reduce costs and establishing governance policies.

"My favorite part of CloudHealth is the level of organization within the platform—It allows you to manage multiple accounts, which has been hugely useful for us. There are limited views, as well as holistic ones, which is key when you have as many subsidiaries as we do."

—Chamaine Honeycutt, Sr. Systems Administrator, Ziff Davis

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Cloud is very central to our business. Our web infrastructure is cloud-based. Post-production companies and filmmakers use our SaaS-based Jaunt Cloud Services to take recordings from the Jaunt One camera, and stitch separate video streams together to make a contiguous [virtual reality] image. Computationally, that’s intensive. For each job, we spin up thousands of EC2 instances globally,” explains Simon Wynn, VP of Technical Operations at Jaunt. The company needed to reduce costs, while still providing high-quality virtual reality experiences on a global scale. With CloudHealth, Simon is able to break down charges by business function, identify unused and underutilized infrastructure, and get a discount on compute costs.“Knowing how many and what kind of RIs to purchase saved us around $6,000 a month,” says Simon. Jaunt saw an immediate ROI from CloudHealth, and now they can continue scaling virtual reality production in a more cost efficient manner.

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Managing the cloud environments across all our subsidiaries and lines of business simply with [native tools] was not sustainable. Over time, the sprawl grew out of control,” said Charmaine Honeycutt, Systems Administrator for Ziff Davis. The media giant adopted CloudHealth to pinpoint anomalies in their environment and help them effectively manage their cloud infrastructure through policy-setting and governance. “We’ve set up automated workflows to delete unused EBS volumes. That alone saves us around 400 dollars a month. We had no way of doing that previously, and no way to track Elastic IPs, either,” says Charmaine. Thanks to CloudHealth, Ziff Davis is able to save employee time spent managing their growing cloud environment and focus on distributing rich content to their consumers.


I need to make sure that we are getting the most out of our cloud investment, as the company continues to span operations globally,” said the CFO of a Broadcast Media Company. The broadcasting company operates dozens of entertainment networks and channels in multiple countries, and with expanding programs, the company has been increasing their cloud investment. The CFO needed to know where the most money was being spent, and if there were any opportunities to reduce costs and maximize the company’s ROI. Using CloudHealth Perspectives, the CFO is able to analyze costs by project (ex. live streaming), accounts, lines of business, and more. Additionally, CloudHealth has helped him identify opportunities to purchase Reserved Instances which are projected to save the company over $100,000. By effectively analyzing and managing cloud costs, the CFO is able to reallocate budget towards other business segments in need of funding.


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