Increase Cloud Resource Utilization

Deploy the right resources for your workloads

Rightsizing your infrastructure pays off.

Let’s face it: how can you tell if you’ve provisioned the correct assets for your workloads? Both under- and over-utilized assets pose a significant threat: over-utilized assets can lead to poor customer experience, and if you have underutilized assets, you’re leaving money on the table. Finding the right balance is key.



Jaunt Saves Thousands Per Month by Optimizing its
Environment and Rightsizing Workloads

“I ranked EC2 instances based on cost and CPU. I also looked at RDS instances by CPU, and found some massively oversized instances which we were able to downgrade based on recommendations from CloudHealth.”


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CloudHealth Cube Workers Hourly Memory Graph

Analyze performance and utilization with precision.

To truly understand performance and utilization of an asset, you must collect, trend and report on both on a granular and a macro level across CPU, memory, network, disk, IOPS, throughput, and more. CloudHealth ingests this data from disparate sources and correlates, analyzes and visualizes it within the platform. Data is automatically trended at hourly, daily, weekly and monthly granularities, and stored for over a year. These reports help you quickly identify underutilized and over-provisioned assets. Evaluate your cloud infrastructure based on application, workload, environment and much more to better understand resource utilization and take advantage of opportunities to optimize performance. Set performance thresholds with alerts to continuously monitor for abnormal performance behavior.



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Leverage integrations to drive deeper understanding.

Depending on your cloud environment, CloudHealth will connect to native services to receive performance data such as CPU and disk. However, to take insights to the next level, you can also connect CloudHealth with performance management partners such as Datadog and New Relic to obtain deep insights into CPU, memory, disk, and network performance data per asset. No performance management tool? No problem. Use one of the many performance data collection methods CloudHealth supports.



Rightsizing Workloads Report

Accurate rightsizing for workloads.

Evaluate utilization and efficiency across your cloud environment with CloudHealth's powerful rightsizing functionality and recommendations. CloudHealth gives you detailed insight into the performance of your AWS EC2 instances, and EBS volumes, and Azure Virtual Machines.

The CloudHealth rightsizing report presents overall efficiency scoring based on analysis of cost, performance, and utilization. Score and rightsize your AWS EC2 instances and EBS volumes, Azure VMs, to optimize your cloud costs. Recommendations are based off of CPU, network, disk, and memory usage. The report will make specific recommendations on assets that can be downgraded to a less expensive offering, without impacting application performance. You can also identify zombie, or unused infrastructure that you can terminate. Every environment and workload is different, so you can create rightsizing profiles to drive efficiency scores based on your unique environment.




Are you effectively managing your workloads in the cloud? With proper visibility into cloud performance and the ability to set and enforce policies around efficiently utilized resources, you can save big.

Here are some solutions to common performance and rightsizing challenges.

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Optimize Reserved Instance utilization.

Reserved Instance Utilization Graph

AWS Reserved Instances allow you to make a commitment to AWS to utilize specific instance types in return for a discount on your compute costs. CloudHealth enables customers to get the most out of their Reserved Instance purchases with reports such as the “Reserved Instance Utilization Pulse,” which is designed to provide you with a detailed operational and financial overview of your reserved instance investment. Reserved Instances get applied on an hourly basis by randomly evaluating the available reservations and running instance usage. CloudHealth actively monitors your usage and makes recommended moves to ensure your reserved instance purchases are always fully optimized.