The CloudHealth RI Optimizer lets you set a time window to analyze usage, set a purchase date, and choose a prepay amount. CloudHealth can recommend the best purchase for your environment, using an algorithm called the “greedy knapsack” that compares all possible combinations to achieve optimal outcome. Recommendations weigh variables such as historical usage, reservation types, tiered discounts, enterprise pricing, expiring reservations, and more. The Optimizer allows you to see what your infrastructure will look like after the purchase, and export your purchase order.

CloudHealth Reservation Utilization
Fig. 1  |  CloudHealth removes the headaches and tedium of purchasing Reserved Instances (RIs) so you can model, modify and optimize your RI purchases effectively, with confidence.


RIs get applied on an hourly basis by randomly evaluating available reservations and running instance usage. If your operations team moves an instance to a new availability zone, shuts down running instances, or changes a workload to a different instance type, your reservation investment can be at risk. CloudHealth actively monitors usage and makes recommended moves to ensure your reserved instance purchases are always fully optimized.


CloudHealth analyzes and evaluates your reservations including: no-upfront, partial-upfront, all-upfront, modifications, as well as all contractual terms. With a single click, you can report on current or historical costs including amortization. Report on amortization cost by reservation usage across Perspectives and functional business groups to get a more complete picture of actual usage. This includes the float of reservations within an account, as well as across multiple accounts within a consolidated bill. More on amortization.


The CloudHealth Reserved Instance Utilization Pulse is designed to provide you with a detailed operational and financial overview of your reserved instance investment. You can configure this Pulse to send directly to key stakeholders on a scheduled basis, in order to provide transparency into the health of your RI usage. The report is a collection of several tools across our RI management suite, and enables you to better manage usage based on historical trends, identify opportunities for RI savings, and highlight changes that will optimize your compute costs.


CloudHealth provides a powerful alerting feature to allow you to be notified of conditions that adversely impact the cost, availability, performance and security of your cloud infrastructure. To support your reservation management, you can set alerts on underutilized reservations. By choosing a cost or volume threshold, you can be proactively notified of underutilization within your RI investment. The alert will even provide you with the precise details on affected reservations, the number of unused hours, and the total lost savings.