Real-time insights for proactively managing security and compliance risk. 


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Posture Management

Cloud misconfigurations due to insider mistakes are the biggest cause for security breaches. Improve your cloud’s security posture with real-time visibility into misconfigurations based on out-of-the box security rules and custom policies. Prioritize issues using smart risk scores, investigate with visual context, and collaborate with distributed teams to resolve issues quickly. 

Continuous Compliance

Continuously benchmark compliance and automate reporting for frameworks such as CIS, NIST, SOC 2, GDPR, HIPPA, and PCI. In a single view, track compliance scores, number of open violations, and progress teams have made in resolving issues. Use real-time auditing and collaborate with teams to improve compliance across your multicloud infrastructure. 

Threat Detection

Consume data from cloud native threat feeds to continuously monitor the cloud for anomalies and suspicious activity. Integrate with SIEM systems to streamline security operations. Raise immediate alerts, correlate threats with misconfigurations, and investigate issues with meaningful context to mitigate threats quickly.  

Shift Left

Taking a “Shift left” approach to security by verifying configurations earlier in the CI/CD pipeline saves significant time and costs. Build guardrails to proactively mitigate security risks before applications hit production. Continuously monitor drift, distribute real-time time security insights, and collaborate with development teams to scale cloud security.  

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