Use proactive policies to continuously monitor your cloud environment for vulnerabilities and security risks.

cloud security compliance

Reduce Vulnerability

Customize security policies across your unique business units and receive proactive insights on potential security risks.
  Stay ahead of cloud security threats by monitoring access controls and security across your network, data, and operational cloud environment.

Proactive Notification

Receive automatic alerts regarding potential security threats and actual violations, along with recommended actions to remediate the issue.

Based on your custom policies, be notified of specific conditions that adversely impact the cost, availability, performance, and security of your cloud infrastructure.

Violation Management

Track warnings and security anomalies that indicate signs of a potential security breach. Gain deeper insight into security violations, including affected resources, with ready-access to best practice documentation.
 Flag specific policies for your security report and easily suppress exempted resources.

One governance policy saves hours of time per week.

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