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10 Ways to Reduce Spend in AWS

Usage Reporting

Through a single pane of glass, the CloudHealth multicloud reporting infrastructure enhances the transparency of cloud usage and its overall impact on cost, performance, and scalability. Cloud usage reports can run on any timeframe depending on your preferences to accurately track inventory and analyze configuration. CloudHealth then leverages historical data to deliver an accurate forecast of your cloud usage in the days or months to come.

cloud visibility usage reporting

Performance Management

Analyze asset performance metrics to help solve business challenges by visualizing and correcting underutilized resources.
 Drive more transparency and accountability within your organization through multicloud reports and custom dashboards.
 Increase the speed of implementation and avoid unnecessary disruptions by integrating your preferred performance management tool into the CloudHealth platform.

cloud visibility performance management

Migration Assessment

Be confident in selecting which workloads should go into the public cloud by assessing the way each workload consumes resources. Easily do a side by side cost comparison of the data center versus the public cloud to accurately map out a migration plan designed for your business. Learn more about how CloudHealth can help you plan a successful migration to the cloud: CloudHealth Migration Assessment

cloud visibility migration assessment

Containers Reporting

Increase resource consumption visibility and optimize clusters to avoid waste in your container environment. CloudHealth delivers a unified reporting and visibility solution across all leading container orchestrators including Kubernetes, Mesos, and Amazon ECS and EKS.

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"Using CloudHealth is extremely valuable on two counts: cost and visibility. It allows us to see where we’re wasting money, and optimizes RI purchases so we’re never underutilized."

Jeff Julander, Sr. Systems Administrator, Instructure