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A transparent cloud is not an oxymoron.

Your cloud is comprised of layers upon layers of data and information. What you reveal defines what you can do. Get the complete picture and gain transparency across your environment for better insight and decision making.



Sumo Logic Relies on CloudHealth for Visibility and Insight

“Our goal is to get answers from all of the data you have, at a fraction of the cost. Cloud makes it easy, but you need to have visibility and maintain some oversight about how you are spending resources. That is what we are using CloudHealth for.”


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CloudHealth Cost Multi-Cloud Dashboard

A single pane of glass – see everything together in one place.

Like any ecosystem, everything within your cloud or hybrid environment is, in some way, interconnected. Usage drives cost. Workload requirements drive usage. Performance depends on availability, reliability and security. In addition, there are numerous data sets where information is collected to gain visibility into the full picture: accounts and assets from your cloud provider (or multiple providers), data center infrastructure, integrated services, and management tools.

You need the complete picture, in one place, to understand how everything works together. CloudHealth gives you that consolidated, single pane of glass to better organize, manage, and optimize that ecosystem.



CloudHealth Perspectives



Align your cloud to your business.

See your cloud the way you see your business. Are you an engineer looking to analyze workloads or applications? Are you in finance and need to report on your lines of business and departments? Or, do you want to improve management and governance from an operational viewpoint?

With the CloudHealth platform, you can create a framework to automatically categorize your cloud and hybrid infrastructure by functional business groups called Perspectives. Go beyond tags and define rules to take advantage of resource-based allocation using integrated data sources, metadata, or CloudHealth custom tags for improved management, reporting and optimization.

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Rightsizing with Perspectives


InterActive reporting: a picture is worth a thousand words.

See your cloud and hybrid environments from every angle with CloudHealth. We give you the ability to create interactive graphical and tabular reports by selecting multiple dimensions, time frames, Perspectives and Groups, or any combination of these, to correlate your data for analysis and reporting against business objectives.

Use CloudHealth InterActive reports to evaluate cloud infrastructure events and trends, and to forecast for improved cost, availability and performance optimization.




CloudHealth Roles

Managing your cloud takes collaboration.

CloudHealth makes it easy for users across your organization to stay informed of day-to-day changes in your cloud environment, and participate in critical decisions. You can easily save and share customized reports for cost, usage, performance and security with key stakeholders across the organization, by leveraging subscriptions. You can also deliver notifications and alerts for these reports using CloudHealth Policies for increased visibility and accountability. Policies are based on event thresholds such as budget overruns, sudden cost spikes, untagged infrastructure deployments, security violations, and much more.

For users who actively manage your infrastructure, CloudHealth enables you to define permissions and accessibility within the platform through Organizations and Roles. Combining Organizations with Roles allows you to limit both the data that's visible to your users, and the actions they can perform.




CloudHealth Security Policy Violations



Shine a light on what’s happening in your cloud.

As your cloud environment grows and more users gain access to services and resources, you need an efficient way to manage and monitor activities. These include:

  • Asset lifecycle monitoring: Analyze audit trails, action items and logs. Learn who was responsible for launching, terminating, or changing infrastructure, and what was done.
  • Security events: Stay on top of event log actions, account security, security port exposure and incident reports. Receive notifications on suspicious activities and track changes to security groups or users.
  • System notifications: Get alerted about authorization failures, policy evaluations, billing cycles, policy notifications and affected resources.



Health Check Pulse: An Executive Assessment of Your Entire Cloud

Effective management of your cloud begins with an in-depth analysis of your entire infrastructure. The Health Check Pulse provides a high-level overview of “quick hit” actions for cost and utilization optimization, cloud governance, risk mitigation, and RI management. Subscribe to the report via email, and get actionable insight across all your accounts, services, assets and resources -- delivered right to your inbox.


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Clarity for confident decision making.

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Regardless of your environment – public cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid – you need a platform that gives you visibility into all of your data in order to make effective business decisions. CloudHealth delivers that independent view. Our platform enables you to easily and efficiently perform in-depth analysis and optimizations for cost, usage, performance and security, and then implement policies for more confident decision-making and smart growth.