Banks, trading companies, insurance firms, and financial technology (FinTech) companies have one thing in common when it comes to managing a cloud environment. You all face significant regulatory scrutiny for efficiently managing stakeholder finances. The CloudHealth platform puts you in the driver's seat for cost management and cloud governance, enabling you to maximize efficiency and ROI of your cloud infrastructure.

"CloudHealth automatically saves us a tremendous amount of money by ensuring we’ve provisioned the correct assets for our workloads. The reporting functionality is very powerful, and helps us eliminate wasted resources."

IT Operations at a Leading Financial Firm


With so much of our infrastructure running on AWS, we need to stay ahead of cost optimization and governance,” said the Director of IT at a US Bank. The bank is a recognized and trusted brand the world over, and is also one of the nation’s top 10 largest banks based on deposits. The bank offers a broad array of financial services and products to consumers, small businesses, and commercial clients alike. To fully optimize their AWS cloud, the bank relies on a one-two punch of CloudHealth Technologies and ParkMyCloud. “CloudHealth helps us with visibility, Reserved Instance management, rightsizing, and tag compliance. ParkMyCloud makes it easy to turn off our non-critical infrastructure when it’s not in use. We use it to automate things like rightsizing. This has enabled us to focus our resources on more strategic activities as against just keeping the lights on.” By effectively managing cloud cost, usage, and performance, the bank is able to run more efficiently as a business, ensure maximum ROI from their cloud deployment, and maintain their focus on delivering a superior experience to all their customers.


Our company cannot afford to have any data security issues, it could put us out of business,” said the Director of IT at a FinTech Company. As a startup whose services are powered by AWS, the FinTech wants to revamp the way financial services are delivered, however, protecting their consumer’s financial data is a key concern. The Director of IT understands that any breach of security could mean loss of business and a huge hit to their profitability as a company. The FinTech turned to CloudHealth for its cost and security violation reporting. With CloudHealth’s comprehensive cost reporting, the Director of IT is able to analyze the company’s cloud expenses and identify areas for cost savings. Additionally, the Security Violation Report built on the Center for Internet Security AWS Foundations Framework enables the Director of IT to strengthen security monitoring practices. As a result, the FinTech company can spend more time focusing on increasing stakeholder value and driving revenue growth.

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