Visibility and optimization for your Kubernetes, Mesos, and Amazon ECS container environments

Reduce spend confidently in your container environment.

Enhance your container visibility and control

The CloudHealth Container Module saves hours of time spent on manual reporting with automatic visibility and control over resource utilization, allocation and resource spend. Users can quickly gather information about available cluster resources and how they are allocated, with the ability to then automatically group, categorize, trend and forecast this information for further analysis.

cloud container reporting

Visibility and optimization for your Kubernetes, Mesos, and Amazon ECS container environments

Key Benefits of Container Optimization

  • Visibility & Control. Identify and control which service or team is consuming the most cluster resources to establish greater accountability.
  • Trend & Analysis. Flexible reporting to simplify and empower decision making across teams.
  • Container optimization. More accountability, increased savings and financial transparency for container environment.
  • Reduce spend. Financial transparency to identify opportunities to reduce spend and increase savings.
  • Support for multiple orchestrators. Automated coordination and support across Kubernetes, Mesos, and Amazon ECS container environments.

Discover opportunities to reduce spend

With a simple few clicks you can understand current consumption patterns for capacity planning, trending, and forecasting. The complete visibility from Container Module helps control cost better, add predictability to your bill and identify cost spikes early and head them off.

Container Adoption at Yelp

"CloudHealth lets us maximize the value of our container deployment by telling us how well utilized it is and whether our clusters have the right mix of supporting resources. That insight is pivotal: It enables us to make informed, strategic business decisions without additional overhead." – Ben Chess, Director of Engineering, Yelp

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