Multicloud Solutions

Cloud Visibility

Create custom reports and dashboards broken down by project, team, department, or business unit to gain granular visibility into all your cloud environments. Subscribe executives and key stakeholders to these reports for maximum business impact.

Analyze Cloud Data by Line of Business

Gain complete visibility across all your environments. Whether you're running Kubernetes on the public cloud or VMs on a private cloud, you can visualize and analyze costs, usage, performance, security, and configurations in a centralized location. Segment this data by project, team, or department to hold teams accountable for their cloud usage.

Analyze Cloud Data by Line of Business

Cost and Usage Reporting

Accurately distribute cloud costs among one or more business groups, and know which departments, teams, owners, or applications are accountable for driving cost and usage. Evaluate month-over-month spending and utilization trends to quickly identify anomalies, and leverage historical data to accurately forecast future spend and capacity requirements over a custom period of time.

Budget Tracking

Define cloud operating budgets by customizable business units. Compare the actual spend to your monthly budget and be proactively notified when you're projected to exceed it.
 Hold departments or teams accountable with chargeback and showback, and view the breakdown of monthly spend per business unit to ensure you're allocating costs to the appropriate teams.

Visualize and Correlate Security Risk

Visualize relationships between cloud resources when analyzing security violations to gain a deeper understanding of the potential impact. Correlate findings with user activity data and troubleshoot issues faster with meaningful context.