Multicloud Solutions

Cloud Optimization

Get the most out of your cloud environment and make informed, data-backed decisions to drive your business.

Discount Management

CloudHealth takes the hassle out of Reservation management by providing the amortization and modeling tools needed to help you make purchasing decisions confidently. The platform supports Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS Reserved Instances (including Size Flexible and Convertible RI types), AWS Saving Plans, and Azure Reserved VM Instances.

Resource Utilization

Reduce wasted spend by analyzing granular usage data to compare actual performance with provisioned capacity and quickly identify assets that can be downsized and/or terminated for greater efficiency. Build policies to govern provisioning and proactively monitor your environment for opportunities to optimize resources.

Containers Reporting

Increase resource consumption visibility and optimize clusters to avoid waste in your container environment. CloudHealth delivers a unified reporting and visibility solution across all leading container orchestrators including Kubernetes, Mesos, and Amazon ECS and EKS.

Containers Reporting