Solutions by Function

Cloud Operations

Monitor your organization’s infrastructure utilization, optimize workloads, and build automated policies that govern proper provisioning and usage of cloud resources.

Visibility Into Your Cloud Usage

With granular visibility into your public cloud, hybrid cloud, and containerized environments, continuously monitor cloud usage by line of business, analyze performance and utilization metrics for more accurate capacity planning, and easily identify opportunities to increase usage efficiency and decrease spend.

Optimize Your Infrastructure

Improve resource utilization and take advantage of savings opportunities with custom rightsizing recommendations built for your workloads. Compare actual performance data with provisioned capacity to quickly identify assets that can be optimized, and define which users are authorized to downsize or terminate resources, or simply let CloudHealth take action on your behalf.

Govern Infrastructure Usage with Automation

Ensure teams and projects are complying with utilization and provisioning guidelines and free up time to focus on more strategic tasks with CloudHealth’s dynamic policy engine. Build automated governance policies that monitor your environment for usage violations and proactively alert stakeholders when provisioned resources violate those guidelines for quick remediation.

Align Cloud Operations to Business Success

Group assets by unique Perspectives such as cost center, IT service, or application, then build policies mapped to the business metrics of those assets. CloudHealth policies can monitor cloud resources aligned to an application or IT service to gain detailed information on how cloud performance, utilization, and cost affects key business metrics and service level agreements.