Multicloud Solutions

Collaboration and Integration

Integrate CloudHealth with your existing tools to easily align your cloud strategy with your top business initiatives.

Connect and Aggregate Data

CloudHealth consolidates and organizes all the tools you use to configure and measure your cloud environment, creating a single source of truth for your business. CloudHealth ingests data from cloud providers, data centers, and point solutions, and integrates with your existing tools like Datadog, Wavefront, and New Relic.

Align to Business KPIs

With granular visibility into cloud spend, usage, and security, you can easily track how different teams are impacting your organization's bottom line. Build and automate policies to govern proper cloud usage and share dashboards and reports with stakeholders. Increasing transparency drives a culture of accountability and encourages everyone to work towards the same goal.

Align to Business KPIs

Uncover Total Cost of Ownership

When you're ready to migrate to the cloud, CloudHealth recommends what your new cloud footprint should look like, based on the utilization or configuration of on-premises servers. Account for added CPU, memory, and disk headroom and support for burstable instances. The result is a look at your true Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), with recommendations on which types of cloud servers (and Reservations) make the most sense for you.