Centralize Cloud Governance

Drive Successful Outcomes

Implement policies for faster decision making.

Managing large scale cloud environments takes discipline. And it takes time...lots of time. CloudHealth puts you in the driver’s seat and enables you to define and implement automated policies that simplify day-to-day operations.



News UK Manages Spend and Centralizes Cloud Governance with CloudHealth

News UK holds business groups accountable for cloud spend, and effectively tracks and manages changes across the environment. They also save on monthly costs by automating lights on/off schedules for non-production infrastructure.


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CloudHealth Workflow with Automated Action

Stay on track with automated workflows for approval.

CloudHealth Automation with approval workflows allows you to easily approve and authorize change requests, infrastructure terminations and reservation purchases for your AWS environment from any device with the click of a button. As you create policies and rules for your organization you can configure "approvers" and/or an “authorizer” who will be notified when workflows are initiated. (e.g. modifying a reserved instance requires CTO and CIO approval, but instance termination requires only Operations Manager-level approval.) CloudHealth helps you integrate cloud management with your business processes.




Automated Actions You Can Take with CloudHealth



Automation with control.

Automate the process of purchasing and modifying reserved instances and starting or stopping infrastructure across one or more accounts. Automated Actions can be configured to execute the specific workflow for your organization, allow a human checkpoint in your automated processes (e.g. prior to executing acquire approval from the CTO and CFO). Automated Actions leverages a unique approach to security that allows you to provide CloudHealth just in time, least privilege credentials for performing the requested actions. Out of the box Actions available in the CloudHealth platform include: Delete Amazon Snapshots, Delete Amazon EBS Volumes, Delete Amazon EC2 Instances, Start Amazon EC2 Instances, Stop Amazon EC2 Instances, Reboot Amazon EC2 Instances, Modify Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances , Purchase Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances, Purchase Amazon RDS Reserved Instances, Run Lambda Function, and Release Elastic IP. You can also create your own custom actions.



Automation helps you lower your cloud costs, save time, and frees up your workforce to work on other high value tasks.

This video explains how you can use CloudHealth to manage daily tasks through automated actions.

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Strike the perfect balance between agility and control.

A dial to show the balance between Agility and Control

As your cloud environment grows it’s easy to lose track of all the moving parts. You want to maintain the agile environment you’ve established and leverage the benefits of cloud computing. However, you also need a process to ensure secure, effective and efficient use of IT resources. As you scale your cloud and hybrid environment there is a delicate balancing act between agility and control.

CloudHealth enables you to effectively navigate this fine line through active policy management and automation. The result is the perfect balance between centralized governance through business policies that define how you want to run your organization and decentralized management for flexibility, quick time to market and innovation.