Cloud Management Isn’t One-Size-Fits All


Not all business challenges are universal, especially in the cloud. CloudHealth Technologies works with you to provide a solution that’s specific to your market, blending your unique needs, our own deep-rooted expertise and established industry best practices.


Whether you’re K-12, higher education or ed tech, CloudHealth supports a variety of institutions that need the cloud to fuel ongoing academic and research activities without sacrificing security or availability. Ensure anywhere, anytime access, and easily scale up or down during peak periods.

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"Using CloudHealth has given value on two counts: cost and visibility. It allows us to see where we’re wasting money, and optimizes RI purchases so we’re never underutilized."

Jeff Julander, Sr. Systems Administrator, Instructure


Federal agencies, state and local governments, and nonprofits often rely on legacy systems to house critical and sensitive information. CloudHealth alleviates the burden of managing on-premises infrastructure, while assisting with migration planning, maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring effective use of IT funds.

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"The CloudHealth platform enables us to benefit from a holistic view, allowing us to easily manage our cloud environment."

Bill Duncan, Director of EMS Technology Services, Amtrak


The evolving digital landscape demands ever more scalable, reliable methods for delivering rich content instantaneously. CloudHealth streamlines and simplifies the management of scaling operations for a global audience that expects information at the speed of now.

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"We’ve set up automated workflows to delete unused EBS volumes. That alone saves us around 400 dollars a month."

Charmaine Honeycutt, Systems Administrator, Ziff Davis


Speed, security and regulatory requirements top the list of cloud management challenges for banks, insurance firms, fin tech, and other players in the financial services ecosystem. Take back control with CloudHealth, and gain a more confident and proactive approach to cloud management.

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"CloudHealth automatically saves us a tremendous amount of money by ensuring we’ve provisioned the correct assets for our workloads."

IT Operations at a Leading Financial Firm

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