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Whether you're fully immersed in cloud computing or just beginning to migrate workloads to the cloud, you need a Cloud Service Management platform to ensure that you're able to remain in control and make smart informed decisions.




Managing cloud infrastructure can be substantially more complex than traditional data center infrastructure because of its dynamic nature. However, the cloud has the potential to become a highly optimized, intelligent system that drives business success. But first you need to minimize the complexities that arise as you scale your environment. CloudHealth gives you a solution to accomplish this goal. We enable you to define policies that automate tasks and processes. And, at the same time, we give you full visibility into your entire cloud infrastructure, making it easier to identify opportunities to optimize cost, usage, performance, security, and availability. In other words, you manage your cloud to manage itself.


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Expanding your cloud footprint? You need access to critical information at the right time to make the best decisions. Download our white paper now to learn how Cloud Service Management can help you leverage the benefits of the cloud.

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Cloud Service Management is not one-size-fits-all. CloudHealth is.

Every IT infrastructure is different. There is no end to the complexities and demands of varying applications and assets, but complexity can be simplified. CloudHealth monitors your accounts, applications, assets, and services and calls your attention to opportunities for automation. See how it works.

“On average, a customer with 100 instances will generate more than 180K cloud attributes being tracked at any given time. That equals 720K hourly and 17.3M daily to collect, store, trend and aggregate. Managing that kind of volume manually isn’t efficient.”

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With large enterprise cloud infrastructures, even in the best of situations, it’s not uncommon for the right hand to lose track of what the left hand is doing. It becomes a matter of keeping up, not staying ahead. Integrating consolidated visibility and on-demand reporting into the entire system allows you to monitor your cloud environment and identify and manage exceptions.



A key advantage of cloud-based infrastructure over its traditional counterpart is optimization—true optimization. With CloudHealth, efficiency is no longer a matter of labor intensive manual alterations, but working with the system to automate programmatically and optimize availability and performance. The result is a cost and load efficient system that scales without added complexity.



The benefit of information is control. The power of control is the ability to create an agile system that responds to the changing needs of an enterprise. With multiple accounts, services, applications, and assets all running simultaneously, the high rate of change can make evaluation, analysis, optimization and reporting difficult, putting you behind. CloudHealth simplifies this by highlighting where the system can be automated by business policy and governance definition.

What can automation do for you?

  • Optimize usage of reserved instances for my infrastructure, but exclude auto-scaled application servers, if cost savings is greater than $400.
  • Identify untagged infrastructure and terminate if non-compliant for more than 24 hours.
  • Monitor security policies of web servers. If ports open to the internet violate security policy, update security groups to remove access.
  • Purchase reserved instances to optimize elastic search clusters. Execute workflow after CFO approval for quotes with annual savings greater than $13,500.

“No other platform gives you the instant insights necessary to evaluate your system, optimize your inputs, and automate your outputs.”

Ready for a cloud health check?

CloudHealth is designed to give you the power you need to build the most efficient system possible. Policy-driven optimization is the fastest and best way to maximize usage, costs and performance.

If you’d like to learn more about CloudHealth and how we can work for you, all it takes is 20 minutes. Let us walk you through our solution rich platform and show you how we can help you scale your cloud without scaling your IT workforce. Schedule your demo today.