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SQL Saturday LA

We’re excited to be sponsoring SQL Saturday on June 9th in Los Angeles! We’ll be leading a lunch session on how to master rightsizing and Reserved Instances for AWS and Azure - and be sure not to miss our drone raffle!

Digital Boot Camp: Containers Optimization

Are you struggling with lack of visibility into your containerized environments? Is it becoming difficult to determine which services and apps are consuming resources and driving cost, and to understand consumption and utilization? In this unique, 30-minute digital "boot camp" webinar, we'll show...

CloudHealth's Container Support for Amazon ECS Goes Live!

Last year, CloudHealth Technologies introduced the industry’s first container optimization and governance solution for Kubernetes and Mesos orchestrators. Today, I am excited to announce the general availability of our support for Amazon ECS.

Q&A with CloudHealth Technologies CFO Larry Begley

Last week, CloudHealth Technologies CFO Larry Begley was named CFO of the Year by the Boston Business Journal! We took some time to sit down with Larry to get his thoughts on what it means to be a CFO…and how the role has evolved.
Solution Brief

Master Reserved Instance Management with CloudHealth

As your cloud usage grows, so do your costs. What seemed like a cost-effective and scalable solution can quickly feel overwhelming. Reserved Instances are a great way to reduce your cloud spend. Learn more. 

Countries impacted by GDPR

Is Your Business Located in One of the Countries Affected by GDPR?

If your business is located in one of the countries affected by GDPR, the likelihood is you will have to make changes to your privacy and security practices if you collect, process, share, or store the personal information of EU data subjects. The changes even have to be made if your business is...
Solution Brief

Accelerating Business Transformation in the Cloud with CloudHealth

CloudHealth is the most trusted cloud service management platform, providing business intelligence across your multi-cloud environment. Thousands of customers around the world depend on CloudHealth to support their current and future business goals. The platform gives you the ability to effectively analyze, optimize, and govern your environment to drive confident decision-making and smarter growth.