AWS vs. Google Cloud Pricing

Comparing AWS vs. Google Cloud Pricing

Back in June 2015, Google commissioned a whitepaper discussing AWS vs. Google Cloud pricing. As you might imagine, the authors of the whitepaper answered the question is Google Cloud cheaper than AWS with a resounding “yes”. However, a lot has changed since June 2015.
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Case Study

Rapidly Scaling Ve Global Doubles Down on Cost Consciousness

Ve Global needed a solution to give them visibility into their rapidly growing cloud spend. Learn how much they saved on their Azure costs with CloudHealth.


Meet The Robockets

By Brooke Zambroski, Social Media Manager Just 16 miles from CloudHealth Tech headquarters is Reading Memorial High School. There, in a closet-turned-workshop, a driven group of students gather every week to design, fund, and build robots. We’re not talking your average Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots...

A Look At AWS Reserved Instances vs. On Demand

If you read what Amazon has to say about AWS Reserved Instances vs. On Demand instances, making a choice between the two pricing options “for applications that have steady state or predictable usage” is a no-brainer—or so it would appear.

Recap: Kubernetes Boston Meetup #7

On Feb. 20 I attended and spoke at the Kubernetes Boston meetup hosted at the gorgeous Red Hat offices on A Street in Boston. A handful of my coworkers also attended.

Uncovering the Secrets of Cloud Leaders

The content in this blog is outdated and we cannot reliably say it is still accurate with the speed in which the cloud industry moves. But don’t worry—below are more recent, up-to-date blogs.   Intuit Takes Cloud Cost Optimization To New Heights With CloudHealth Gartner Report On Managing...

Best Practices For Optimizing Amazon EBS Volumes

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) is often the second or third highest cost when using AWS at scale. Unattended, EBS costs can become very large over time. You can use some simple rules to best manage your EBS costs, without sacrificing availability and response times. A volume service such as EBS...