AWS Summit Paris

Stop by our booth at the AWS Summit in Paris to learn how CloudHealth provides visibility across your entire cloud ecosystem to optimise resources and define governance policies for ongoing management.


Stop by our booth at DockerCon 2018 in San Francisco to learn how to gain visibility and optimize your Kubernetes and Mesos container environments with the CloudHealth Container Module.

SQL Saturday LA

We’re excited to be sponsoring SQL Saturday on June 9th in Los Angeles! We’ll be leading a lunch session on how to master rightsizing and Reserved Instances for AWS and Azure - and be sure not to miss our drone raffle!
Container Optimization

Digital Boot Camp: Containers Optimization

Are you struggling with lack of visibility into your containerized environments? Is it becoming difficult to determine which services and apps are consuming resources and driving cost, and to understand consumption and utilization? In this unique, 30-minute digital "boot camp" webinar, we'll show...

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Multi-Cloud

Whether you’re a leader of Infrastructure & Operations for a large enterprise or a mid-sized business looking to scale, you’ll likely have similar questions about multi-cloud that need answers. Join us for a better understanding of multi-cloud architecture, and get answers to questions...

4 Phases of Cloud Optimization

How mature is your cloud implementation? How do you get to the next level? Many organizations want to improve their cloud maturity to see significant benefits -- such as reduced costs, faster time to market, and fewer man hours to manage their environment -- but they don’t know where to start.
Sydney, Australia

AWS Summit Sydney

Don’t miss our speaking sessions at the AWS Summit in Sydney! John Purcell, VP of Products, will present on Creating the Foundation for Your Cloud Centre of Excellence using CloudHealth. Richard Economides, Solutions Architect, will present of Three Ways to Reduce Cloud Spending.