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Better Cloud Governance

Lower Your Cloud Bill & Achieve Better Cloud Governance

In this webinar, we’ll sit down with guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst, Lauren Nelson, to explore how to take your cloud strategy to the next level with automation and diverse analytics to deliver faster results for new and existing workloads.
Case Study

Rappi Drives Business Expansion with CloudHealth

Rappi is an on-demand delivery startup, headquartered in Colombia, with a goal to be ‘the everything store for Latin America.’ Learn how CloudHealth has enabled Rappi to scale cost-effectively.

Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database Rightsizing Made Simple

One of the most effective ways to reduce your cloud spend is by rightsizing your infrastructure. Rightsizing is the process of analyzing the utilization and performance metrics of your infrastructure, determining whether it is running efficiently, and then modifying the infrastructure as needed....
Amazon CRIEx

Amazon Convertible Reserved Instance Exchanges Made Easy

As most consumers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) know, if you’re looking for a quick way to reduce your cloud spend, buying Reserved Instances is a tried and true approach. By making an upfront commitment of at least a year to AWS on the types of assets you plan to use, Amazon offers up to 75%...
Solution Brief

Simplify Your Google Cloud Platform With Complete Transparency

In the past several years Google Cloud Platform (GCP) adoption has grown exponentially. However, whether you’re all-in on Google Cloud Platform or are adopting a multi cloud strategy, one key challenge that customers face is lack of cost and usage visibility by business group. How do you get the granular visibility in your Google Cloud Platform environment with a policy driven governance?

Cloud computing trend

The Three Real Cloud Computing Trends of 2018

The deeper you look into cloud computing trends, the more you realize they are generally of little relevance. For example, if 51 percent of businesses plan to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy in the next year, how does that influence your business decisions? If 38 percent of businesses run apps in 3...
Forrester Wave
Analyst Report

The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Cost Monitoring And Optimization, Q2 2018

CloudHealth Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ Cloud Cost Monitoring And Optimization, Q2 2018 In this report, Forrester covers: Their criteria and scoring method The top nine vendors in the cloud cost monitoring and optimization space How vendors are evaluated in current offering, strategy,...