How to Evaluate Cloud Service Management Products

With the market for Cloud Service Management solutions heating up, here is a guide to help prospective buyers evaluate vendors and make informed purchasing decisions.

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Part 1: What is Cloud Service Management

Read our white paper, Cloud Service Management for Smart People, to learn how Cloud Service Management can help you overcome common challenges faced by ITSM suites: complexity of data integration, the transient nature of cloud infrastructure, and intricacies of pricing.

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Why Integration Matters

Companies are adopting multiple open source and point solutions designed to manage specific aspects of their cloud infrastructure.The narrow focus these new products and services deliver enables companies to assemble best of breed “ITSM-like” solutions, but their lack of integration has resulted in fragmentation of critical operational and business data across their environment.

Download this white paper to learn how to embrace advantages of the cloud without giving up the ability to make informed business decisions.

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