Solution Brief

Optimize, Govern, and Secure Multicloud Environments

Scale Intelligent Business Decisions

Organizations are increasingly adopting multiple clouds to gain agility, flexibility, and control. However, loss of control, staying ahead of security risks, and climbing cloud bills become key challenges as cloud usage grows. Without a defined approach for managing multiple cloud providers or easy access to information, organizations are unable to predict cloud spend, eliminate resource waste, prevent security breaches, or avoid gaps in regulatory compliance. 

As a result, leading organizations are establishing a formalized Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE). The CCoE is a cross-functional working group that governs the usage of the cloud across an organization and drives best practices across three areas of excellence: cloud financial management, operations, and security and compliance.

Thousands of organizations around the world depend on the CloudHealth portfolio to support their current and future business goals. The portfolio gives you the ability to optimize, govern, and secure the largest and most complex multicloud environments.

A Best of Breed Multicloud Solution

The CloudHealth portfolio delivers intelligent insights that help you optimize costs, improve governance, and strengthen your cloud security posture. With CloudHealth, you can customize visibility for proper governance and build automated policies that help application owners avoid cost overruns, compliance gaps, and security vulnerabilities. This enables your organization to better manage business risk.

"CloudHealth by VMware discovers all different configurations, then Secure State tells us the risk factors in the event of any changes. It’s almost like we’re self-healing our cloud space in real-time."

Johan Marais
Sr. Platform Services Manager, Discovery Holdings

CloudHealth Platform

A robust multicloud management platform that helps your organization drive accountability, improve cross-organizational collaboration, and optimize costs, through consolidated visibility and reporting across your entire cloud environment. 

  • Move faster in your cloud migration process
  • Align business context to cloud data
  • Optimize resource cost and utilization
  • Centralize cloud governance

“CloudHealth enabled us to gain the infrastructure visibility we needed to control costs and manage them efficiently, while keeping up with our pace of innovation."

Jeannie Finks
Strategic & Technical Operations Director, Strategic PMO, Acquia

CloudHealth Secure State

An intelligent multicloud security and compliance monitoring platform that helps your organization reduce risk and protect millions of cloud resources by remediating security violations and scaling best practices at cloud speed. 

  • Improve security posture based on best practices
  • Ensure continuous compliance with industry standards
  • Prioritize threats and run security investigations
  • Integrate security proactively in CI / CD processes

"How do you ‘shift left’ on security without sacrificing agility or speed? We use Secure State as part of that effort. It’s enabled even better collaboration between DevOps and engineering, and helped us put guardrails in place to develop more safe, secure applications and embody a ‘develop quick, act fast’ mentality.”

Patrick Hetherton
VP of TechOps, Jobcase

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