Solution Brief

The CloudHealth Partner Program

Program Overview

The CloudHealth Partner Program is designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to extend their service portfolio, boost profitability and differentiate their offerings through enterprise-class cloud management services.

As cloud usage grows and environments become increasingly complex, keeping pace with the rate of change in this market can often seem impossible. MSPs ease this burden by playing a critical role in helping to properly manage and scale a cloud program.

The power of the CloudHealth platform enables you to manage multiple customer accounts with many services in one console and automate the provisioning of client statements. It provides the ability to isolate customer usage and cost for your internal reporting needs and set unique pricing, while giving branded access to the platform as a value-added service to your customers. Combined with the Partner Platform, the CloudHealth Partner Program puts you on a path to success, equipping you with the resources to improve efficiency, monetize your public cloud business, and increase margins.

partner tiers

Program Tiers

The CloudHealth Partner Program is the next evolution of our program for all partners who are leveraging CloudHealth as the foundation of a cloud managed service offering. Whether your business identifies as a Solution Provider, VAR, Systems Integrator (SI), Telco or MSP, the CloudHealth Partner Program offers a tiered path for partners to grow their cloud managed service business powered by the CloudHealth platform. The program has three levels:


This entry level tier is for partners who may be new to cloud or managed services and starting to build proficiency with CloudHealth. These partners are onboarding and in the early stages of productizing their cloud managed services offering.


This tier is for partners that offer an established cloud service offering with strong technical capabilities and demonstrate investment in training and go-to-market with a growing customer base.


This highest tier is for world-class cloud service providers that offer a suite of cloud managed service capabilities, as well as have exemplary CloudHealth expertise and a well-established go-to-market and customer base.

Program Requirements

The program has requirements by level that start with a Master Partner Agreement (MPA) contract and include financial criteria for cloud spend, retention and customer growth, technical certification, as well as sales enablement and go-to-market activities.


Program Benefits

The program also offers a comprehensive set of benefits which includes full support for onboarding, technical setup and review, service package design, training, go-to-market support, and sales enablement for your team.


As a CloudHealth partner, you gain access to a team of experts dedicated to driving your success. The program is committed to helping partners become next-gen service providers by advancing their offerings and business. Partners are provided with recommendations and best practices for packaging and selling cloud managed services, powered by CloudHealth. Examples include tiered offerings with features such as rightsizing and Reserved Instance management. There are also templates for add-on services such as health checks.

Additionally, CloudHealth partners are provided access to mapping kits to assist with various industry competencies and accreditations, such as the AWS & Azure Expert MSP audits and the AWS Well-Architected Framework, by demonstrating capabilities across several mandatory requirements.