Solution Brief

Be the Trusted Partner for Your Customers with Partner Billing Support

As a CloudHealth partner and an AWS managed service provider, you play a pivotal role in simplifying customer onboarding, providing more value-added services, and helping to manage your customers’ environments. However, this comes with customer expectations around vital components such as billing and usage reporting. To build a successful relationship with your customers, you must ensure that you report billing and usage back to the customer accurately, timely, and segmented in a way that matches your customers’ financial reporting needs.

The Challenge

In some cases, your customer might request that you completely manage a few AWS accounts for them. As a result, you might have complete access to all source data required to build artifacts. Meanwhile, your customer might manage another set of independent accounts. However, as part of the billing relationship, you want to add service charges to that bill to represent the cost of your managed services. Maintaining separate bills for some accounts becomes difficult when you need to apply changes to those bills you don’t directly own, not to mention the difficulty in properly reporting costs within a billing artifact that is shared across customers.

Do you have the skills, time, and money to invest in solving this issue? Billing is a critical, high-visibility function, where if it doesn’t meet the financial reporting and data segmentation needs of your customer, it could be a non-starter and cause lost service revenue opportunities. Well, now with CloudHealth, you do not have to worry about this anymore.

CloudHealth Helps You Become a Trusted Partner to Your Customers 

CloudHealth has developed the capabilities needed to help you mitigate this problem. You won’t need to invest your valuable time and effort in developing an internal billing system for AWS. The CloudHealth Partner Generated Billing engine is ready to help you get there.

Learn about the account status

It’s important for you and your customer to know if all of their accounts are healthy and configured correctly to generate accurate billing totals. Through the billing report, we can help you identify whether the customer accounts are configured correctly or if there are any warnings that need to be addressed.

Manage billing relationships from one console

As a managed service provider, it’s highly possible that you’re working with customers who require billing data to be segmented according to the business’ reporting requirements. This arrangement can be used to identify different projects, business units or individuals, and make sure that members of those groups are only exposed to their own billing data. Now through CloudHealth Partner Billing, you can help your customers understand and consume their billing information in a simplified manner that matches their unique reporting requirements.

In CloudHealth Partner Billing, you can create multiple billing ‘blocks,’ or subsets of accounts, for a single customer tenant. These blocks can build up a billing family arrangement where you can construct consolidated or standalone accounts. Each consolidated account might have multiple billing accounts under them while standalone accounts have one single billing account. Or you can use the ‘Full Account Family’ option to build a block where you pass through a full billing artifact with minimal adjustment. The CloudHealth Partner Billing functionality lets you mix and match all your customers’ desired billing needs from one single console.

You can also label different consolidated accounts as different business units, projects, or technology within the ‘blocks’ so that it becomes easy to identify these groupings, without having to look up account numbers. This helps you serve complex customers easily and focus on creating value-added services. Let the CloudHealth Partner Generated Billing engine do the backend work for you, while you build unique products and broaden your customer relationships.


CloudHealth is committed to adding more value to our partner ecosystem. By expanding our Partner Billing capabilities, we want to help you streamline the complex billing relationships that arise as your customer base matures. We are enabling you to aggregate all the information and arrange it in the way your customer wants to see it. We want to make sure you can take on as many customers as possible, regardless of how that customer needs to be billed. Let’s simplify cloud consumption as well as billing for your customers.