Cloud KPIs You Need to Measure Success

To align your people and processes toward successful cloud management and optimization, it’s important to set effective KPIs.

While every organization is different, there are common principles and examples of effective KPIs that hold true regardless of the size of your company, your industry, or the makeup of your cloud environment.

As you review this list, think about the KPIs you’re currently tracking in your organization. Could they be more effective? Should you remove or replace certain KPIs entirely? Do you need additional resources or tools to track effective KPIs? These are all questions to consider with your cloud management team or broader Cloud Center of Excellence.

If possible, establish KPIs early, and be sure you’re circling back to review these metrics periodically to track your progress over time. Benchmark against yourself—or better yet, benchmark against your peers—so you can show which actions and cloud services are having the greatest impact.

infographic cloud kpis you need to measure success