Case Study

Zonky Scales Growing P2P Lending Platform with CloudHealth

Zonky is the largest peer-to-peer lending company in the Czech Republic. With near-term plans to expand to Spain and Germany, the company is on track to be the largest in all of Europe. The ability to scale the platform fueled a move to AWS…and ultimately CloudHealth by VMware to manage and optimize their AWS environment.

Zonky's cloud challenges

Established four years ago, Zonky is part of PPF Financial Holdings, an international financial and investment group. Since its inception, the company had been growing at a rapid rate and decided to move to the cloud to accommodate its dynamic lending environment. Cloud drivers also included a desire to scale quickly and be flexible, while keeping costs and headcount low. The company chose AWS and has been in the process of moving most of its infrastructure onto AWS, requiring them to implement a cloud management platform that would optimize its growing cloud environment, while minimizing costs.

Finding a solution

The company decided to move forward with CloudHealth, known for enabling organizations to easily manage costs, improve governance, automate actions, and mitigate security risks across cloud environments. With regard to cost management in particular, CloudHealth was the best solution available to help the company truly control costs that had been rapidly increasing, while offering an extended breadth of capabilities. “With CloudHealth, we are able to benefit from an all-encompassing platform. Every time we are in need of another capability, it is already there,” said Martin Damovský, Head of IT Operations.

“At Zonky, we are very transparent when it comes to sharing billing details, and since the AWS bill aligns with CloudHealth’s prediction, there are no surprises. Further, we know HOW and WHY costs may grow, which is particularly important for us, given our accelerated growth.”

— Martin Damovský
Head of IT Operations, Zonky

The results

After investing only a couple of days in deploying CloudHealth, Zonky was quickly able to realize value out of the platform. For example, CloudHealth identified a cost saving involving an unused disk that led to $900 USD in savings. CloudHealth has also enabled Zonky to:

  • Allocate resources and activities into different groups, enabling the company to predict what the AWS bill will look like for several months.
  • Set up alerts for unused discs and EC2 instances
  • Benefit from unprecedented visibility across its entire AWS environment
  • Take advantage of dynamic graphs and dashboards

What's next for Zonky?

Zonky has been so pleased with CloudHealth’s impact that they brought in the PFF management team to experience CloudHeath first-hand…and they were impressed. As a result, the company is exploring bringing CloudHealth into other PFF business units. “We have a very nice relationship with the CloudHealth team. Whenever we need something, it just works. We do not need to escalate incidents or ask multiple times…and look forward to doing even more with the platform,” added Martin.”