Case Study

Smartronix and CloudHealth: Trusted at Every Phase of the Cloud Journey

Consolidated Reporting
Consolidate cost reporting through cost optimization dashboards, RI purchasing capabilities, and rightsizing features
Improved Tagging
Trusted automation and governance policies have improved tagging hygiene
Data Customers Trust
Smartronix trusts CloudHealth to provide reliable data and actionable insights to their customers

Since its 2009 landmark launch of the first cloud-based federal web property, Smartronix has been viewed as the global leader in delivering and managing secure cloud services. The company counts some of the world’s largest AWS, Azure and Google customers as its own, including government institutions such as the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and various Federal Departments and Agencies, as well as well-respected companies such as Allergan, Fannie Mae, InsideSales, Pepperidge Farm, and Dole.

Smartonix's challenges with cloud

Hundreds of customers across the globe rely on the Smartronix Cloud Assured platform for managing secure cloud services (specifically designed to meet the most stringent security and compliance mandates). To support customer demand and the need to analyze hundreds of millions of cloud events per month, Smartronix required a cost management and governance platform built for multicloud environments. Further, with multiple customer accounts on various bills, the company required a solution that would enable Smartronix to see account costs broken out, but within a consolidated view…a significant challenge the company needed to address.

Finding a solution

As soon as the decision was made to partner with CloudHealth, the companies worked closely together to augment the Smartronix offerings with CloudHealth, granting customers access to the platform. This access has empowered customers to benefit from cost optimization dashboards, RI purchasing capabilities, and rightsizing features, as well as automation and governance policies for improved tagging.

"Smartronix chose to partner with CloudHealth based on its data integrity, infrastructure stability, performance track record, and team expertise."

— Eric Jerasa
Manager of Business Operations, Smartronix

Customers have also leveraged CloudHealth’s security and compliance functionalities, as well as its related training and development services.

The results

"In addition to empowering multicloud customers with a consolidated view into their cloud spend in near-real time, customers are also able to benefit from actionable insight into how they can optimize their costs."

— Eric Jerasa
Manager of Business Operations, Smartronix

Since both companies have deep experience managing critical cloud infrastructure that requires rigid security and compliance, Smartronix and CloudHealth have been able to deliver optimal value to customers on several levels.

smartronix cloudhealth

As a result, the Smartronix- CloudHealth partnership is increasingly being relied on by organizations worldwide to optimize costs, govern their cloud environments, and stay within the confines of their cloud policies.