Case Study

Intuit Takes Cloud Cost Optimization to a New Level with CloudHealth

$ Millions in Savings
CloudHealth and Wavefront optimization tools have helped Intuit save millions of dollars
$100,000 per year
The amount Intuit saves by modifying workloads using CloudHealth's automated policies
Quick RI Purchases
Intuit can now purchase RIs every single week, and in just minutes, increasing their cloud discounts

Recognized as one of the world's most admired and innovative companies, Intuit’s mission is to power prosperity throughout the world, with its market-leading suite of products that include TurboTax, QuickBooks, ProConnect and Mint. With 46 million customers worldwide and 8,000 employees, Intuit has a presence in 21 locations across the globe. Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, the company has generated over $5 billion in revenue.

Intuit's challenge

Since 2013, Intuit Cloud Architect Dieter Matzion has been focused on the cloud, with a mission to empower Intuit’s IT organization to become effective stewards of cloud cost savings and management. Prior to CloudHealth, the cost management process at Intuit was manual, very labor-intensive, and error-prone. In particular, collecting data and aligning the data across all business functions was challenging. Intuit required a solution that everyone could trust while empowering users with a platform that would enable them to understand what the data meant and make decisions with confidence.

Finding a solution

After evaluating multiple vendors, Intuit chose the CloudHealth platform, known for enabling companies to easily manage costs, improve governance, automate actions, and ensure security compliance. Intuit’s decision to go with CloudHealth was based on the platform’s feature set, intuitive structure, ability to deliver reliable data…and the responsiveness of the CloudHealth support team, committed to addressing any issue within a couple of hours. “CloudHealth support is extremely responsive and was one of the key factors in our decision to go with CloudHealth,” said Dieter.

intuit case study

Once Intuit decided to move to CloudHealth, the company developed aggressive implementation plans for the platform, driven by the demand to remediate unpredictable spend. One particular area of focus was on simplifying Reserved Instance management while employing an advanced approach that treats Reserved Instances more like a market commodity. In addition, since Intuit had already been using Wavefront, a monitoring and streaming analytics platform designed for developers to optimize their clouds, the company took advantage of CloudHealth’s API to integrate the two platforms for even greater benefit.

Intuit's results

Since working with CloudHealth, Intuit’s cost savings have been in the millions. “CloudHealth helps us save millions of dollars, and it costs very much less than that,” stated Dieter. With CloudHealth, Intuit is able to benefit from CloudHealth’s recommendation engine, enabling the company to easily select and purchase Reserved Instances – the largest savings lever with AWS. Further, with CloudHealth’s automated process, Intuit is able to purchase RIs every week versus only 1-2 per month, and purchases can be done in minutes.

CloudHealth’s ability to automatically modify workloads is also a favorite feature – one that saves Intuit over $100,000 a year. And this is on top of the rightsizing capability that has enabled the company to move over half of its workloads to run on smaller EC2 Instances.

In addition to taking advantage of CloudHealth’s core capabilities, Intuit is also benefiting from the CloudHealth-Wavefront integration. As part of the integration, Intuit leverages CloudHealth as a caching engine that reaches out to Amazon Web Services, retrieves telemetry, stores that telemetry, and then the company takes that telemetry and feeds it into Wavefront for monitoring and alerting purposes. 

"CloudHealth feeds data into Wavefront in an aggregated fashion that is extremely powerful."

— Dieter Matzion
Cloud Architect, Intuit

Next steps for Intuit

Building on the core benefits of the CloudHealth platform, Intuit will be leveraging the CloudHealth-Wavefront integration to create an alerting engine specifically for budget overruns. Since budget overruns do not necessarily create a production down-time situation, but need to be addressed, the planned capability will integrate with communication tools like Slack and email to provide alerts related to budget overruns and predicted budget overruns.