Case Study

Groupware Technology Delivers White Glove Customer Service with Support from CloudHealth

Groupware Technology is a leading IT solutions provider specializing in infrastructure, cloud, data and AI, security, applications, rack integration services, and first call support. Groupware delivers these innovative technology solutions and services to world-class companies to help them achieve mission-critical objectives, lower costs, improve agility, and increase competitive advantages.

Enabling Customers to Optimize in the Cloud

Groupware’s mission is to deliver exceptional customer service with no surprise billing. Groupware started a cloud billing service about five years ago to assist their mid-sized customers who lack visibility into cloud spend. Being a traditional value-added reseller (VAR), a majority of Groupware’s customers have a hybrid cloud model, moving from on-prem hardware into the cloud. Customers are in various stages of their cloud journeys and growing fast, with an average monthly cloud spend of about $40,000.

Three years ago, John McGivern, Senior Director of Cloud Optimization Services at Groupware Technology and a 30 year veteran of running large IT infrastructure organizations, came onboard to create new cloud optimization services beyond just invoicing. Groupware’s cloud optimization team was formed and Groupware’s cloud optimization service began to expand rapidly.

Partnering with CloudHealth

Groupware was using a competitive cloud management tool until three years ago when they switched to CloudHealth. They chose CloudHealth for two reasons: 1) to ensure customers get proper visibility of their spend in order to optimize costs as much as possible, and 2) to accommodate the complicated invoicing needs that a partner must execute. “We feel CloudHealth is the premier product on the market,” noted John. Multi-cloud reporting has become crucial for Groupware as customers are increasingly investing in additional cloud.

“What has become even more important in the past three years since we partnered with CloudHealth is the ability to provide a single pane of glass across multiple clouds,” John explained. CloudHealth acts as the source of truth for Groupware customers.

"With any customer interaction that comes up, CloudHealth is where we go to find accurate information."

John McGivern
Sr. Director of Cloud Optimization Services, Groupware Technology

The vast majority of Groupware customers log into CloudHealth regularly and are able to analyze their findings with the Groupware team. CloudHealth dashboards and reporting help Groupware strengthen their business model and engage in effective customer interaction.

CloudHealth: Playing a Role in Groupware Technology's Growth

Groupware utilizes many aspects of the CloudHealth platform to propel it’s business growth, with a few favorite pieces of functionality. First, CloudHealth dashboards allow Groupware to quickly and efficiently gather customer information and provide meaningful customer updates on a weekly basis. The dashboards are further enhanced by the robust perspectives and reporting options in CloudHealth. Groupware is also an avid user of AWS Savings Plans.

"The AWS Savings Plan recommendation engine in Cloudhealth is truly a game-changer."

John McGivern
Sr. Director of Cloud Optimization Services, Groupware Technology

Savings Plans provide a simple, flexible solution with targeted coverage and KPI-based scenario modeling. Groupware trusts CloudHealth’s Savings Plans analysis, insights, and recommendations and helps their customers save significant costs through its use.

Lastly, Groupware standardizes CloudHealth’s governance policies across their customer base. The ability to get alerts when anomalies are detected is particularly valuable for keeping teams accountable and avoiding surprises. Without the adoption and enforcement of a governance policy, it becomes extremely difficult for the customer to keep their environment properly optimized.

“At the partner level, CloudHealth is invaluable. It pays for itself multiple times over—we couldn’t physically do our job without the product.”

John McGivern
Sr. Director of Cloud Optimization Services, Groupware Technology

CloudHealth’s ability to do partner generated billing has played a relevant role in Groupware’s growth.

A Rewarding Partnership

Groupware and CloudHealth have a mutually beneficial relationship that continues to evolve over time. In 2017, Groupware became the first partner to have their team complete the CloudHealth Platform Administrator and Specialist Certifications created by the CloudHealth Training team. “We really believe in the CloudHealth certifications and dig deep into that information,” said John. Groupware’s interactions with their CloudHealth Technical Account Manager and the Partner Advisory Board have allowed for this strong relationship to flourish.

“We have an excellent Technical Account Manager. The ideas we work through with him on a weekly basis are invaluable.”

John McGivern
Sr. Director of Cloud Optimization Services, Groupware Technology

The Partner Advisory Board gives the team an outlet to collaborate with like- minded individuals to share best practices. “It’s very powerful for us to be a part of the Partner Advisory Board and to give that input,” John said.

Groupware also began doing staff augmentation for CloudHealth Professional Services. Coming from a partner background, Groupware’s ideas provide very helpful insight for the CloudHealth team, and vice versa. “That staff augmentation has been a very win-win situation,” John shared.

Groupware also collaborated with CloudHealth on various speaking opportunities, allowing the teams to share best practices and new ideas with like-minded industry experts. Groupware recently presented a session at VMworld 2020 named A Practical Guide for Managing Cloud Reservations and Discounts, which discussed the basics of using AWS Reservations and Savings Plans. Groupware has also been creating educational thought leadership videos explaining how they use CloudHealth that have been jointly promoted across websites and social media channels.

As Groupware scales their business, CloudHealth will continue to be a key player in their growth.