Case Study

Cloudreach Drives Policy-Enabled Governance and Visibility with CloudHealth

Financial Accountability
Cloudreach clients can now show their teams how much they're impacting the organization's IT budget
Advanced Reporting
CloudHealth has allowed the team to build filters and group cost and usage data by line of business
Infrastructure Optimization
Cost and performance data is used to target potential optimization opportunities for maximum value

The Cloudreach mission is to empower customers around the world to adopt cloud computing in the quickest and most effective way.

The underlying foundation that supports this transformation is providing a complete cloud platform, including IaaS, from leading vendors along with tooling and processes needed for success in the cloud.

Cloudreach believes embracing the cloud means not only changing IT systems and processes, but the hearts and minds of the people in your organization as well. It is about managing change, simplifying processes, and unifying your workforce.

Headquartered in London, Cloudreach has offices in New York, Chicago, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Paris, Munich, Zurich, and Edinburgh, and speaks a combined 30 languages. They have enabled some of the largest enterprises to realize the benefits of the cloud. Born in the cloud themselves, they never have and never will own a rack or server.

Cloudreach's challenges with cloud

In 2014, Cloudreach took a new set of offerings to market called Cloud Disciplines, which include Core Operations, Security Operations, DevOps, and Financial Optimization. These represent the four key areas that customers must address as they transition to the cloud. Cloudreach customers require assistance with a combination of some or all the Cloud Disciplines.

One of the key challenges facing a customer seeking to optimize their cloud spend is accountability and attribution of cloud resources. Without adoption and enforcement of an appropriate governance policy, it becomes extremely difficult for the customer to allocate costs to projects, and to target optimization and cost-saving measures effectively.

Another challenge in delivering effective cost optimization is aligning cost-saving measures with the needs and demands of the applications and solutions targeted. When billing and invoicing data are separately held, reviewing potential cost-saving measures in the light of performance metrics can become difficult and time-consuming. Out-of-the-box metrics from major cloud providers only allow you to see part of the picture, which could lead to uninformed and potentially harmful optimization decisions.

Finding a solution

In response to client demand for additional reporting, automation, and compliance capabilities, Cloudreach evaluated the leading providers in the market and chose CloudHealth after an intensive review process.

“CloudHealth was the obvious choice to help our clients deal with the large, volatile, and transient data sets that true utility-based cloud billing creates. A number of organizations offer eye-pleasing reports highlighting costs. CloudHealth goes further, delivering the broadest and deepest functionality, covering enterprise-grade compliance and policy-driven cost, usage, and performance control for your cloud environment,” said Chris Bunch, Head of Cloudreach, Europe.

With CloudHealth providing financial governance, Cloudreach also partners with other leading organizations in the cloud PaaS and SaaS space to provide a complete cloud platform required to succeed with the cloud adoption journey. 

The results

CloudHealth is a key part of Cloudreach’s financial optimization market offering. Cloudreach helps their customers implement CloudHealth to drive policy-driven control of their environment, as well as visibility and oversight of their spend.

Cloudreach has clients using the CloudHealth solution that can now, at an individual developer level, show their team how much they are costing the organization in terms of IT spend.

The ability to report and act on untagged or mistagged resources helps to ensure that resources are directly accountable to owners, cost centers, and business units. This is built upon by CloudHealth’s advanced reporting features, allowing Cloudreach to build Perspectives, which enable effective filtering and grouping of cost and utilization. This drives the right information to the correct stakeholders.

“By bringing both cost and performance metric data into one place, and providing the tools to target potential reservation, rightsizing, and clean-up activities, CloudHealth enables Cloudreach to accelerate delivery to our customer. This ensures that our customer is deriving maximum value from their cloud investment,” said Bunch.