Case Study

Blue Chip Tek Grows Business Ten-fold in Two Years

Supporting Millions $
In under 2 years, Blue Chip Tek cloud services business has grown to support millions of dollars of spend
29% Cost Reduction
CloudHealth reports helped identify cost-saving opportunities and reduce a client's cloud spend by 29%
Tenfold Growth
In less than a year, Blue Chip Tek managed billing service have been tenhold

Blue Chip Tek is a technology solutions provider that architects and implements IT solutions, services, and processes custom-fit for businesses—from startups to enterprises.

Blue Chip Tek's cloud challenges

Blue Chip Tek has helped hyper-growth internet technology companies design, procure, and implement data centers for over a decade. Recently, with the increased availability, reliability, and wider acceptance of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings, Blue Chip Tek is noticing a shift in their customers’ mindset. More are looking to the cloud to augment their existing infrastructure or replace future expansion needs of privately managed facilities. Time to market, ease of implementation, and cost of doing business are primary drivers for this shift in thinking. In response, Blue Chip Tek launched a Cloud Services division in 2014.

Blue Chip Tek’s foray into the cloud began as a need to expand its engineering expertise outside the private data center in an effort to provide cloud services that facilitate hybrid environments. Just a year ago, common customer questions centered on design or rightsizing of AWS environments. And although Blue Chip Tek first saw customers mostly using AWS, they’ve recently noticed an increase in those using Microsoft Azure. Customer requirements have evolved from individual project-based engagements, into needing on-going assistance managing their scaling environment across the data center, private cloud, and public cloud.

The team needed a more efficient way to deliver managed analysis and optimization services for their clients, as well as a solution that could help them provide an initial assessment for new engagements and demonstrate quick time to value.

Finding a solution

The company has now transitioned to offering services to enable customers to track and report on the recurring use and cost of both on-premises and cloud resources.

"Customers need help maintaining visibility and control over infrastructure while remaining competitive and keeping pace with the speed of innovation. We see this trend most clearly with our fastest scaling customers."

— Mark Tripod
AWS Solutions Architect, Blue Chip Tek

Many companies find themselves drowning in a sea of information. Determining which data sources are relevant can be a challenge—but making sense of that data is crucial to mapping a successful path forward. Blue Chip Tek’s Cloud Services Division partnered with CloudHealth to enable customers to make educated decisions and stay on top of resource utilization and cost trends with the tools and insight provided by CloudHealth. 

Blue Chip Tek works in conjunction with customers to understand their application requirements and develop a plan to transform their existing cloud deployment to make the best possible use of tools, maximize reliability, and minimize cost. Blue Chip Tek offers the Optimized Cloud service powered by CloudHealth to help customers ensure their existing cloud usage best meets their business performance needs while minimizing costs. The OptimizedCloud service teaches clients the most efficient way to leverage the cloud to meet their business requirements. Prior to leveraging CloudHealth, the OptimizedCloud service offering required dozens of man-hours to complete for each customer.

That approach was time-consuming, lacked scalability, and was error-prone. Blue Chip Tek quickly realized that automation and tooling were needed in order to meet the quickly growing needs of customers and the rapidly expanding customer base. The CloudHealth platform provided the core functionality needed to support the growing cloud services business at Blue Chip Tek. As a result of leveraging CloudHealth, the Blue Chip Tek cloud services business has grown from supporting tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars in under two years' time.

The results

The rich reporting functionality Blue Chip Tek is able to deliver powered by CloudHealth makes analyzing the available resource utilization and cost data easy and effective, even for novice cloud customers. 

blue chip tek cloudhealth

The information gathered and presented by the CloudHealth platform has allowed the client to move forward into the planning stages of purchasing AWS Reserved Instances, which will add to their future cost savings efforts. An additional benefit of employing the platform is the replacement of the AWS detailed billing report (DBR). Rather than combing through thousands of lines of cryptic information, Blue Chip Tek delivers bills that clients are able to sort, view, and search through, directly in CloudHealth. The operational time savings alone more than pays for their CloudHealth subscription fees.

“The power of CloudHealth enables Blue Chip Tek to offer billing consolidation, governance, and asset management so we can evolve in tandem with our client’s needs,” said Tripod. In less than a year, the growth of the Blue Chip Tek managed billing service has been tenfold.