Case Study

Asystec Limited Delivers Enhanced Service Offering in Partnership With CloudHealth

Asystec was founded nine years ago as a Data Management solutions company with a heavy focus on the design and deployment of Enterprise Storage Systems. Over the past five years, the company has transformed into a VMware Software-Defined Data Center powerhouse, with 14 different solutions competencies, leveraging VMware technology at the end-user, app, and data center levels. Asystec’s transformation has recently been recognized with VMware’s UK & Ireland 2020 Transformational Partner of the Year Award.

Expanding Cloud Services

Asystec began the journey to become a cloud services organization two years ago, and has since continued to transform along with their customers. Building out assessment, design, deployment, and operational services in a multicloud arena including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was challenging. As the cloud services business expanded, Lucas Da Silva, Cloud Engineer at Asystec, took on an engineering role to drive new business opportunities for the company.

Asystec customers are in various stages along their cloud journeys, with some starting to think about cloud migration and others operating completely in the cloud. A few of Asystec’s more mature customers have highly skilled cloud teams that host live production workloads in both AWS and Azure. Asystec analyzes customers’ environments to understand their unique infrastructures and create tailored strategies to best fit each company’s business operations.

In order to deliver a robust set of services and better accommodate their customers' needs, Asystec made the decision to implement a multicloud management platform.

Leveraging the VMware Relationship

Asystec has a very strong working relationship with VMware, which led them to partner with CloudHealth by VMware. The team felt that it was a natural fit to expand their usage of the VMware toolset by implementing CloudHealth. 

“When looking for a multicloud based solution that could offer both on-premises, as well as all of the major cloud services providers, CloudHealth was a clear winner during our evaluation.”

Lorne Chedzey
Head of Cloud & Infrastructure, Asystec

“Our cloud division leader conducted market research and evaluated multiple alternatives. CloudHealth is the most complete product out of the bunch,” Lucas said. Lucas also stressed the ease of use of the CloudHealth platform: “Other cloud management platforms don’t have such a straightforward implementation.”

Asystec positions CloudHealth to customers as a complementary solution to their cloud engineering services that improves overall cloud operations.

"CloudHealth has been a major selling point for Asystec services."

Lucas Da Silva
Cloud Engineer, Asystec

CloudHealth is integral to Asystec’s business motion and practices. Asystec is able to sell services to their customers with the cloud management that CloudHealth provides.

Optimizing with CloudHealth

CloudHealth’s cost optimization features provide important visibility into Asystec’s customers’ environments. Asystec relies on CloudHealth’s unique Perspectives capability to group assets and analyze customers’ cloud costs. Perspectives allow different roles within an organization to measure and evaluate the business from viewpoints that make the most sense to them. “Being able to look at cost from different perspectives is incredibly valuable,” Lucas said.

Policies are also crucial for Asystec’s business success. They enable Asystec to look at different aspects of their cloud footprint, identify where they can optimize, and report on those findings. “Reporting capabilities within CloudHealth are amazing,” Lucas shared.

CloudHealth provides granular cost visibility and simple usability for Asystec customers. “We really believe that CloudHealth is a very complete product that helps customers with a cloud footprint or customers who are thinking of migrating to the cloud,” Lucas said. CloudHealth has been a main player within Asystec’s cloud operations business.

Easy Implementation with CloudHealth Professional Services

When CloudHealth was first implemented, Asystec lacked in-house experience to deliver services to their customers. Lucas’ team had two main implementation goals: deploy CloudHealth to customers with reporting needs, and enable Asystec to perform future deployments. That’s where CloudHealth Professional Services came into play.

CloudHealth Professional Services has been instrumental to the success of Asystec and their customers. Professional Services leads customer workshops and helps Lucas build skills and experience developing processes with CloudHealth. Professional Services ensures projects are delivered to customers successfully and that Lucas is up-to-speed on projects and repeatable processes.

There are challenges within all projects, and when Asystec met a challenge, Professional Services was always there to help.

“Communication is pristine with the CloudHealth team. I had no fear with putting Professional Services in front of the customer because of how professional the whole team has been.”

Lucas Da Silva
Cloud Engineer, Asystec

Lucas looks forward to continued growth with CloudHealth and truly believes in the business value: “I’d definitely recommend CloudHealth and CloudHealth Professional Services to any customer whenever I have the opportunity.”