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Arctic Wolf Trusts CloudHealth to Manage Complex AWS Workloads

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The amount of money saved on EC2 costs by using the CloudHealth EC2 RI Optimizer
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Arctic Wolf is a leading provider of cloud-based network security services, allowing companies to keep their critical data, networks, web-based applications, and devices safe. The company redefines cybersecurity through personal, predictable protection.

Arctic Wolf's challenge

Arctic Wolf was recently named the 25th fastest growing company in North America as part of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, so rapid growth is a big challenge facing the company. Balancing scaling and cost at a pace that intense forces the Artic Wolf team to constantly optimize their business operations and cloud strategy.

Arctic Wolf has always been cloud-native, having first implemented their cloud strategy 7 years ago. Their large implementation of AWS is used to manage tens of billions of security events and provide SOC-as-a-service functionality for their customers. Michael Hart, Director of Infrastructure Engineering at Arctic Wolf, is constantly looking to optimize his environment to get code out as fast as possible and run it efficiently. Analyzing AWS spend has become a large portion of Michael’s daily responsibilities.

As Arctic Wolf’s cloud management matured, their previous Cloud Management Platform (CMP) was not meeting the demands of the business. Michael decided it was time to select a CMP with better functionalities. There were new instance types that the original vendor couldn’t handle, and Instance Size Flexibility wasn’t part of their upcoming product roadmap. Arctic Wolf doubted the vendor’s ability to execute, and therefore ended the partnership, “We definitely didn’t get the same attention from them as we do from CloudHealth,” Michael shared.

Finding a solution

Based on these learnings, the Arctic Wolf team began the process of selecting a new cloud management solution. When evaluating new vendors, Michael had specific qualifications: “We have a very complex cloud workload that changes hourly. I need to have the confidence that the platform can handle that.” Not only does CloudHealth do so, but it also produces detailed cost reports and RI recommendations that Michael and his team can take action on.

CloudHealth provides visibility into Arctic Wolf’s significant network bandwidth cost, something other technology solutions can’t do. CloudHealth reports make it easy for Michael to allocate bandwidth cost to services. 

"Being able to pull up reports by instance type or specific tags and then attribute bandwidth cost to those instances is really important for us."

— Michael Hart
Director of Infrastructure Engineering, Arctic Wolf

The results

CloudHealth has helped Arctic Wolf save 35% on EC2 costs based on RI recommendations. These recommendations save Michael days worth of work every month—freeing up valuable time for other business-critical tasks. “CloudHealth’s coverage numbers are so good that even our AWS reps were impressed,” Michael pointed out.

arctic wolf case study

One thing that set CloudHealth apart during the POC was the team’s professionalism and expertise, which helped solidify Arctic Wolf’s decision to purchase. The team provided a report on unattached EBS snapshots, revealing a large amount of spend: “The number was very large. We had no idea we were spending that amount of money on unattached EBS snapshots.”

CloudHealth has presented Arctic Wolf with many different ways to “slice and dice” costs, offering unparalleled levels of insight. “There’s a hundred ways you can drill into AWS costs. With CloudHealth I can easily get that information and also have confidence that the cost reporting is accurate,” Michael said. CloudHealth can dive deeper than AWS Cost Explorer to provide trustworthy, granular data.

Arctic Wolf has received additional value from working with CloudHealth’s Professional Services team, receiving timely responses and beneficial customizations. Professional Services consistently provides useful information, giving Michael and his team access to additional resources and industry expertise.

"The response has been great from Professional Services. They always come back with strong answers very quickly."

— Michael Hart
Director of Infrastructure Engineering, Arctic Wolf

Next steps for Arctic Wolf

Gross margin is the next major IT focus area for Arctic Wolf. As Michael’s team digs more deeply into gross margin costs, he wants to get the product team involved: “I want them to be able to look at their own services and see which areas of spend they’re responsible for.” Michael’s team also plans to leverage CloudHealth’s automation capabilities.

The Kubernetes workload presents an interesting challenge for the engineering team, and Michael will use CloudHealth to report on those costs as well. “Cost allocation in a multi-tenant cluster is going to become an important part of how we use CloudHealth,” Michael said.

As Arctic Wolf progresses through their cloud journey, Michael trusts that CloudHealth will be there every step of the way.