Case Study

AC3 and CloudHealth Deliver Multicloud Management Across Australia and Beyond

$2.5 Million Saved
The amount CloudHealth enabled AC3 to save for their customers over a 12-month period
1 Master Report
The team now uses 1 report to view cost history, reservations, performance levels, security, and more
Data Transparency
Dynamic reports and dashboards detail cloud usage and show the overall impact on performance and cost

In 2018, end-to-end cloud MSP AC3 acquired Bulletproof, the first company in Australia to launch VMware public cloud services, as well as the first in Australia to provide managed AWS services and receive the status of AWS Premier Consulting Partner. Since then, the combined entity has been the Cloud MSP of choice for organisations for government and across industries, such as financial services, healthcare, and technology providers. Over 1,000 customers have come to rely on AC3 to manage their multi-cloud environments—and AC3 trusts CloudHealth to deliver the best cloud management experience for those customers.

AC3 sees an opportunity 

As AC3 customers started to realise the benefits of cloud computing, they were increasingly relying on AC3 to help with their end-to-end cloud journey, with many customers starting on AWS and expanding to Azure, or other cloud providers. Further, several customers required management of both their private and public cloud infrastructure. This increase in multi-cloud focus drove AC3 to seek a management solution that would enable them to truly optimise each customer’s cloud environment. The chosen solution would need to give AC3 the visibility to make informed decisions on behalf of each customer related to cost and cloud operations, while enabling each customer to easily scale based on their unique business needs.

Finding a solution

After an extensive evaluation of cloud management solutions, the company selected CloudHealth, known for enabling organisations to easily manage costs, improve governance, automate actions, and mitigate security risks across multi-cloud environments. CloudHealth’s dynamic multi-cloud reports and custom dashboards enhance the transparency of AC3 cloud usage, and its overall impact on performance, scalability and cost (on a weekly, hourly and daily basis). CloudHealth can also drill down into how each department, team, individual or application is spending and using resources, while easily enabling cost reallocation and chargebacks when needed.

"CloudHealth offers all the functionality we need to be able to deliver value to our customers in a multi-cloud environment."

— Claudia Couzi
General Manager of Operational Services, AC3

CloudHealth’s cloud usage forecast was also a plus, and the team expertise and commitment to staying ahead of market trends set CloudHealth apart.

The results

As AC3’s AWS, Azure, and Data Center management practices continue to grow, CloudHealth has taken the complexity out of managing AC3’s multi-cloud environments. For instance, running cost optimisation for Data Center customers had historically been challenging until AC3 leveraged CloudHealth. In particular, AC3 has derived a lot of value out of the Health Check report, which offers a consolidated view of cost history, reservations, underutilised instances, performance levels, and security considerations. In addition, CloudHealth’s “Billing Families” feature has enabled AC3 to handle complex billing situations, allowing for multiple combinations of standalone and consolidated accounts to be combined into a single customer tenant. And those are just a couple of areas where CloudHealth has positively impacted AC3’s business and the success of each of its customers.

"With CloudHealth, we have been able to deliver extraordinary value to our customers, no matter where they are in their cloud journey. Further, over the last 12 months, CloudHealth has enabled us to save over $2.5 million for our customers."

— Claudia Couzi
General Manager of Operational Services, AC3

AC3 was one of the first partners to join the CloudHealth partner program and is a standout, receiving the CloudHealth APAC Partner of the Year Award two years in a row and acting as a key advisor on platform growth and development. AC3 is also part of the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP).