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How To Gain Control Of Your Microsoft Azure Environment

Organizations investing in Azure cloud services are finding it difficult (and expensive) to reach the cloud and business success they originally hoped for. Read this eBook to learn how to reduce cloud waste, optimize resources, and automate your security. 
aws spending trends 2019

Trends in AWS Cloud Spending: 2019

Have you ever wondered how your Amazon Web Services spend stacks up against your peers? After analyzing $8 billion of AWS spend across more than 4,500 customers, CloudHealth has uncovered several key trends that may surprise you.
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Accelerating Business Transformation in the Cloud with CloudHealth

CloudHealth is the most trusted cloud service management platform, providing business intelligence across your multi-cloud environment. Thousands of customers around the world depend on CloudHealth to support their current and future business goals. The platform gives you the ability to effectively analyze, optimize, and govern your environment to drive confident decision-making and smarter growth.

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Drive Efficiency by Rightsizing Your Cloud Resources

Organizations using manual analytics models or who have tens of thousands of cloud resources find it difficult to rightsize their environment. Learn how CloudHealth rightsizing recommendations can help you quickly and easily optimize assets and reduce costs. 


Visibility: The Foundation for your Microsoft Azure Cloud Journey

Rewatch Azure experts Dean Gardner, Chief Technologist of Cloud at Softcat, and Samir Mehra, Director of Products at CloudHealth by VMware,  highlight how they are seeing organisations gain consistency and control of their Microsoft Azure cloud environment.
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How to Make Informed Decisions to Save Time and Money

Customers who use the public cloud extensively risk derailing development efforts if they don't have a pulse on the true cost of their cloud environment. Here's how CloudHealth's reporting functionality offers next-generation solutions. 

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How to Accelerate Your AWS Cloud Journey to Reach Cloud Maturity

The road to cloud maturity, and ultimately cloud success, proves both challenging and expensive. Looking to optimize your AWS cloud infrastructure? Use this eBook to regain control over your visibility and cost management, security and compliance, and governance and automation.