CloudHealth for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

With visibility into your OCI and cost and usage data, make more informed decisions around resource planning and budget forecasting, and hold business units and projects accountable for their cloud usage with showback.

Gain Visibility into Your OCI Resources

View and report on OCI costs and usage, track spend by business groups, and view detailed OCI asset inventory

  • Dynamically allocate assets and costs to custom business groupings
  • View cost and usage holistically or segment by specific business groupings for granular analysis
  • Build custom dashboards and easily share valuable insights with individuals or teams by subscribing them to CloudHealth reports
Gain Visibility into Your OCI Resource

Simplify OCI Financial Management

Analyze key metrics crucial for managing your OCI costs, track budgets, and drive financial accountability

  • Get a complete view of your OCI infrastructure’s financial health, including cost and usage of Compute Shape resources
  • Distribute cloud costs among one or more business groups to perform chargeback/showback
  • Create and track OCI budgets to trigger alerts and notify key stakeholders if a Line of Business is projected to overspend
Simplify OCI Financial Management

Understand the Business Context of Your OCI Assets

Utilize granular resource utilization metrics to help with capacity and budget planning

  • View historic resource usage across teams and create cloud usage and cost forecasts
  • Gain visibility into OCI compartments and a comprehensive list of OCI assets
  • Create and share detailed, API-driven reporting on Oracle Virtual Machines used by different teams and cost centers
Understand the Business Context of Your OCI Assets