CloudHealth for AWS

Simplify financial management and find ways to lower your AWS bill, streamline workflows with custom policies that automate daily cloud operations, and strengthen your AWS security posture.

Gain Visibility Into Your AWS Environment

Empower stakeholders to analyze and report on your AWS environment in a way that’s most impactful to them

  • Dynamically allocate assets and costs to custom business groupings 
  • View cost, usage, and performance metrics holistically or segment by specific business grouping for granular analysis
  • Quickly and easily share valuable insights with individuals across your organization by sharing or subscribing them to CloudHealth reports 
  • Gain granular visibility into your Amazon ECS and EKS environments to analyze resource utilization metrics and optimize your container environment
Gain Visibility Into Your AWS Environment.

Simplify Financial Management

Analyze key metrics crucial for managing your AWS costs, tracking budgets, and driving financial accountability

  • Get a complete view of your infrastructure’s financial health, including current spend and cost-optimization opportunities
  • Distribute cloud costs among one or more business groups to perform chargeback/showback
  • Input cloud operating budgets to trigger alerts and notify key stakeholders if a Line of Business is projected to overspend

Optimize Your AWS Infrastructure

Improve resource utilization and take advantage of savings opportunities to reduce spend.

Rightsize EC2 Instances and EBS Volumes

Set custom thresholds or take out-of-the-box recommendations to rightsize your EC2 Instances and EBS Volumes across families

Reserved Instance Management

Analyze and optimize EC2 and RDS reservations. Easily modify or exchange existing EC2 Standard and EC2 Convertible RIs directly in the CloudHealth Platform.

AWS Savings Plans

Pre-built models help you choose and purchase the Savings Plan that makes the most sense for your business based on your budget, target coverage, desired discount rate, or total savings.

aws ec2 rightsizing
AWS RI Management
AWS Savings Plans

Build Automated Governance Policies

Reduce infrastructure management with policies that monitor your AWS environment and automate daily operational tasks.

  • Build governance policies using preconfigured or custom templates to execute workflows that help manage your AWS environment
  • Trigger notifications to alert stakeholders when policies are violated
  • Define which users are authorized to execute on specific actions within your environment, like terminating unused resources, or simply let CloudHealth take action on your behalf

Strengthen Your AWS Security Posture

Configure automated rules to help maintain secure access to your AWS environment, stay compliant, and reduce risk.

  • Validate your environment’s security posture against built-in security frameworks from AWS and the CIS or build your own
  • Manage policy violations and automatically alert users to critical issues inside the CloudHealth Platform
  • Subscribe team members to reports showing current security policy violations ranked by severity
  • Drill into specific policy violations to gain deeper insight into affected resources

“CloudHealth’s Convertible RI Exchanger makes it easy for us to take advantage of Convertible RI Exchanges within our AWS Environment. With CloudHealth, not only are we able to benefit from considerable cost and resource savings, but we are more efficient and effective as an organization.”

— Charmaine Honeycutt, Sr. Director of Operations | Ziff Davis