CloudHealth helps you quantify, understand, optimize, and automate your infrastructure, to control your data through knowledge.

The CloudHealth Platform gives your team the power to understand their cloud environment so they can see how their actions impact the bottom line.




Why CloudHealth?

Embark on your cloud transformation journey.


Everything together. Right here.

Get your data under control and gain full transparency into your ecosystem. Don’t bounce between partial reporting systems and outdated reports. CloudHealth consolidates disparate data sets and puts you back in control.

Consolidate for Visibility


See your data for the first time.

Group resource usage, costs, and performance -- and look at them from multiple angles. Uncover patterns and identify inefficiencies, security concerns, and cost gaps by hour, day, week, month, year. Evaluate your environment holistically in order to see what’s working, what’s not, and be able to adapt quickly.

CloudHealth lets you view and sort information based on dynamic and changing parameters called Perspectives. These dynamic business groups are the lenses through which you view your infrastructure.

Evaluate from a Business Perspective


What it means and why it matters.

Are unnecessary on-demand instances driving up cost? Are there predictable patterns of usage across the business, or within functional groups? How have year-over-year business demands changed, and is infrastructure falling behind? Create custom reports to evaluate groups, users, costs, performance and more.

Analyze for Clarity


A system that’s smarter every second.

Identify opportunities and view data in the context of all the moving parts within your cloud. Lower cost by understanding what drives usage patterns, spikes, dips, and high-margin instances -- then reconfiguring the system to manage it better, and putting policies in place that do the work for you.

Optimize with Confidence


An intelligent governance system.

CloudHealth reviews your system and makes recommendations based on constant and real-time analysis. You can execute system-wide changes at the click of a button, manage budget and allocations simply, and know that the platform is keeping an eye on efficiency...even when you can't.

Automate for Reliability