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CloudHealth delivers integrated recommendations that yield proven results, so you build a continuously optimized system that gets smarter every second. Instead of viewing data in a silo, you’ll see it in the context of all the other moving parts within your cloud, so you can reconfigure your system as needed.




Dynamic Optimization Technology

“Dynamic optimization technology for resources and cloud service is a technology capability that uses telemetry, algorithms, service and resource analytics, and policies to drive automated actions that reduce waste, cost and risk exposure, while simultaneously improving service levels. These technologies help reduce cloud service and virtual infrastructure sprawl and cost, while improving governance and compliance.” ~ Gartner's Innovation Insight for Dynamic Optimization Technology for Infrastructure Resources and Cloud Services

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Develop a deeper understanding of what your organization needs in order to optimize across cost, usage, performance, and security. Refine and automate your infrastructure. CloudHealth’s analysis and integrated reporting helps you pinpoint areas for improvement, while maintaining availability and performance across workloads.







CloudHealth looks at your current and past cloud utilization, then provides integrated recommendations for specific changes. These recommendations can include things like where to automate and refine your infrastructure, giving you the confidence to “set it and forget it.”




Ongoing Improvements

Optimization is a continuous process, but it doesn’t need to be time intensive. We’ll help you do it more efficiently. Leverage our integrated reports and analysis on an ongoing basis, to do things like drive down cost organically and meet service levels.



With CloudHealth, News UK Easily Identifies Underutilized Instances

The News UK team discovered more than 1,000 unattached EBS volumes that weren’t in use, but still incurring cost. Knowing where to rightsize or downsize helps them optimize EC2 instances.


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Managing a healthy infrastructure requires ongoing optimization. It’s a constant cycle of evaluation and analysis that occurs daily, hourly, and sometimes even more frequently. Without the right insight into resource usage patterns and performance, making decisions for capacity planning, purchases, reservations, and infrastructure rightsizing becomes a burden on teams.

CloudHealth gives you a continuous feedback loop for optimization by leveraging a robust set of data analysis tools that enable you to evaluate your environments and workloads to identify cloud drift, underutilized infrastructure and opportunities to improve cost, usage and performance. We give you all of the data you need, at a granular level, to ensure a healthy cloud environment and optimal return on your investment.


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