CloudHealth supports several methods for acquiring cloud management data, including integration with cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure and Google, as well as configuration management tools (e.g. Chef, Puppet), and our own lightweight agent.

In addition, CloudHealth provides API services to allow you to programmatically insert and retrieve data and metadata from our platform.


The CloudHealth reporting API is a REST-based interface that uses JSON as an interchange format. It allows you to retrieve both default reports provided with the platform (“standard reports”), as well as reports you save (“custom reports”) with custom filter settings (i.e. time). You can also use the API to construct ad hoc queries on an array of available dimensions (including custom Perspectives) and their respective members.


The Asset API can be used to retrieve information about assets you are currently or have historically run with AWS. It supports three functions:

  1. List all available objects for your account
  2. Provide detail on an object, including its attributes and relationships
  3. Query objects of a specific type


The CloudHealth Metric API is a REST-based API that can be used to pull metrics from CloudHealth and used in analyses.

In addition, you can push metric data (e.g. CPU, memory, disk) to CloudHealth. By doing so, you will not only have an enhanced view into the health and performance of your systems, but CloudHealth will be able to generate better rightsizing recommendations.

Documentation on the CloudHealth API is available on GitHub.