Harness your cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments


Leverage existing management services and tools for deeper insight into your ecosystem. CloudHealth seamlessly ingests and analyzes all your data sources, no matter their origin, in one platform, so that you can efficiently manage cost, configuration, performance, and security.


Stop bouncing between reports and partial reporting systems that are outdated by the time you receive them, let CloudHealth put you back in control of your infrastructure.

CloudHealth multi-cloud cost report
Fig. 1  |  Get visibility into your total cloud cost across your multi-cloud environment.


Using open APIs, CloudHealth gives you flexibility in data collection to support your deployment model. With the cloud-only solution, CloudHealth automatically collects data from hosted services using our internally managed auto-scaled infrastructure. We’ll continuously aggregate data from AWS, Azure, and Google, so you have access to the data you need, when you need it, for reliable decision making.

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The CloudHealth Aggregator enables you to deploy an agentless collector to infrastructure that’s under your control. It can collect from both hosted and local systems (e.g. Puppet) and also provides a credential vault to allow on-premises storage of account information.


Our agent-based solution enables you to deploy endpoint agents to running cloud instances, in order to gather local configuration and performance information. Get visibility into key metrics beyond CPU and network, such as disk, memory, and more, with CloudHealth’s lightweight, free agent.

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The pace of change in the cloud is prolific. That has been an enabler and also a tax... CloudHealth gives us a single view, so if we get a cryptic error message we can quickly find out – well, what account was responsible for that? Who owns that resource

Fig. 2  |  Zachary Stevens, Co-Founder & Chief Architect, Elastera


Import or export data from CloudHealth with ease. Add custom data sources to your CloudHealth environment or leverage CloudHealth data for analysis and correlation outside the platform.

You can both push performance metrics to CloudHealth and interactively retrieve metrics for specific resources, time periods and time granularity (e.g. hourly, daily, monthly). Documentation on the CloudHealth metrics API is available on Github.

Data is never locked in one platform, natively export CloudHealth reports to Google Docs, a CSV, or an image. Use the CloudHealth platform API to access data programmatically and leverage other tools like Domo or export the data to your own systems. We make it easy to securely access your data using a programming language of your choice. We include samples in common languages (e.g. Python, Ruby, Node.js) to get you started.

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