SHI is one of the largest providers of IT products and services in the world, offering the best resources and technologies to support customers at every stage of cloud adoption.

Leveraging cloud solutions requires coordinating both technical and business resources across several business units. Since each business owner has different goals, SHI supplies the tools, expertise, and processes to ensure your organization’s usage of cloud computing is available, secure, compliant, makes good business sense, and seamless to the end-user.

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“At SHI, we work with many different types of customers, many of whom are new to public cloud services. They need help with understanding which workloads they should migrate to the cloud and how much it will cost. Powered by CloudHealth, we offer a migration assessment service to our customers to help them navigate and analyze the transition of their infrastructure to the cloud.”

– Brett Grau, AWS Infrastructure & Services Sales Specialist

Leveraging CloudHealth, SHI seamlessly manages customer cloud environments, applying best practices to ensure they get the most out of their deployment. With CloudHealth, SHI helps customers realize up to 30% savings annually, and 16% improvement in Reserved Instance utilization. See what you and your team can gain by leveraging SHI Support Services.

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“As one of the larger providers of IT products and services in the world, our ability to seamlessly manage cloud environments for our customers is paramount. With CloudHealth, we are able to benefit from a level of insight that enables us to easily manage multiple customer accounts, while tracking costs in ways never thought possible.” – Greg Rusu, Senior Director of Cloud Services, SHI