Manage data center cost, usage, performance, and configuration in one place.


About VMware

VMware is a leader in the on-premises physical server virtualization space with its unparalleled technology offerings. With research and innovation at the forefront of VMware’s corporate mission, the global organization has seen tremendous expansion in the developer support space from the previous virtualized datacenter world.

Most recently, VMware has prioritized the evolution of a hybrid cloud vision for its customers who now require enhanced agility, and flexibility from public clouds, as well as greater security and reliability from on-premises offerings. VMware’s best-in-class reputation has lead to strong partnership development with key players in technology innovation, including cloud services providers such as Amazon Web Services and other public clouds thus making the hybrid cloud transition seamless.

VMware and the CloudHealth Platform

Together, CloudHealth and VMware can help you:

  • Align your infrastructure metrics and reporting to business objectives for deeper reporting and analysis.
  • Track and report on data center cost and usage by department to enable chargeback.
  • Analyze usage and performance to identify under or overutilized infrastructure.
  • Assess an individual virtual machine’s migration cost to public clouds.
  • Set policies that define how you want to manage cost, usage, performance, and configuration of your data center infrastructure.


CloudHealth Technologies is now officially a VMware company.