Transform Digital Instruction and Learning

Scale Out to Public Cloud to Enhance Operational Excellence

Academic institutions are transforming operations to drive innovation and support demands for blended learning environments. Cloud investments are continuing to increase as institutions seek to reduce IT complexity and drive efficiency.

With CloudHealth, academic institutions can effectively scale and govern their public cloud environments, while keeping costs under control.


"Our workloads tend to change with the school year, so the summer months are quieter. During the semester, workloads can easily fluctuate by two or three thousand servers in a day. Using CloudHealth has given value on two counts: cost and visibility. It allows us to see where we could optimize spend, including optimizing Reserved Instance (RI) purchases so we’re never underutilized."

—Jeff Julander, Senior Systems Administrator, Instructure

"CloudHealth has always been transparent. When I give feedback I feel like it's listened to. The CloudHealth team values customer input and takes action instead of just smiling and nodding."

—Josh Aldridge, Program Manager and Cloud Commander, PowerSchool