CloudHealth Solutions by Industry

Transform Government IT Operations and Service Delivery

Adopt hybrid cloud and scale out to public clouds with digital sovereignty 

Delivering new mission capabilities and meeting constituent expectations for services are at the focus of government transformations. In an effort to meet regulatory requirements and changing dynamics, government organizations are accelerating data center modernization initiatives.


With CloudHealth, academic institutions can effectively scale and govern their public cloud environments, while keeping costs under control.

Transform Digital Instruction and Learning

Scale out to public cloud to enhance operational excellence

Academic institutions are transforming operations to drive innovation and support demands for blended learning environments. Cloud investments are continuing to increase as institutions seek to reduce IT complexity and drive efficiency.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

With CloudHealth, healthcare and life sciences organizations can effectively scale and govern their public cloud environments while keeping costs under control. 

Modernize Legacy Healthcare IT Systems with Public Cloud

Drive operational excellence and efficiency as you scale

The Healthcare and Life Sciences industry is transforming as organizations combat existing IT complexity and embrace the cloud to provide new patient care and customer engagement models. The market is experiencing an increased need to scale digital and mobile services.

Financial Services

With CloudHealth, FSIs can maximize the return on their cloud investment by optimizing and governing their public cloud environments.

Improve Service Delivery for Financial Applications

Manage and scale your multicloud infrastructure 

Evolving customer demands for digital-first interactions are driving Financial Services Institutions (FSI) to accelerate their business transformation in the cloud. By modernizing their IT infrastructure and services, FSIs are able to drive competitive advantage through faster innovation, agility, and time to market.


With CloudHealth, telecommunications companies can gain control over their cloud spend, while increasing agility and driving innovation.

Modernize IT for Sustained Telco Innovation

Maintain cloud governance and control at scale 

The telecommunications industry is constantly adapting to meet consumer demands for faster data connectivity, higher resolution, and multi-application usage. As global competition grows, companies are developing and testing 5G services and deploying multicloud footprints to enhance their applications.

Media & Entertainment

With CloudHealth, media and entertainment companies can increase agility and drive innovation, while cost-effectively managing their infrastructure.

Deliver Enhanced Digital Experiences at Scale

Streamline IT operations with cloud management

The growing desire by consumers to have immediate access to rich, digestible content is forcing media and entertainment companies to transform their business models. To better support this increasing demand, these companies are leveraging the cloud to deliver enhanced digital services and streamline IT operations.


With CloudHealth, retailers can spend more time enhancing the customer experience, while increasing IT agility, optimizing cloud costs, and driving productivity.

Modernize and Scale Retail Infrastructure

Scale retail infrastructure with cloud to meet seasonal demand

Consumers are seeking personalized and enhanced customer shopping experiences and engagement from retailers. As the retail and consumer goods market continues to evolve, companies are making investments in cloud technology to improve operational models and deliver digital services.