Stop by our booth at DockerCon 2018 in San Francisco to learn how to gain visibility and optimize your Kubernetes and Mesos container environments with the CloudHealth Container Module.


Whether you’re a leader of Infrastructure & Operations for a large enterprise or a mid-sized business looking to scale, you’ll likely have similar questions about multi-cloud that need answers.

Join us for a better understanding of multi-cloud architecture, and get answers to questions including...


How mature is your cloud implementation? How do you get to the next level?

Many organizations want to improve their cloud maturity to see significant benefits -- such as reduced costs, faster time to market, and fewer man hours to manage their environment -- but they don’t know where to start.


Visit us at Booth G04, and don’t miss our speaking session! Samir Mehra, Director of Products will present on How to Reduce Spend and Improve Efficiency in your AWS Environment.

Sydney, Australia

Don’t miss our speaking sessions at the AWS Summit in Sydney! John Purcell, VP of Products, will present on Creating the Foundation for Your Cloud Centre of Excellence using CloudHealth. Richard Economides, Solutions Architect, will present of Three Ways to Reduce Cloud Spending.

AWS Summit San Francisco 2018

Visit us at Booth 1810!


You know you want to buy Reserved Instances, but you don’t know where to start. Finding a solution that best suits your company doesn't mean becoming an expert yourself; you just need to know the basic best practices to ensure your RI's are set up for success. Join us for a deep dive on RI management with Keith Jarrett from AWS.


Join us to hear Yelp's container journey from Site Reliability Engineer, Kyle Anderson. We'll also provide a crash course on what containers are, how they help, and why enterprises are adopting them.

Secrets of Cloud Leaders

Certain enterprises reap larger benefits from their cloud deployments than others. These are the cloud leaders. In the second annual Secrets of the Cloud Leaders survey by CTP and CloudHealth Technologies we’ve discovered what they do differently and are sharing their secrets with you.


Learn how Connotate was able to optimize their cloud environment and maximize their ROI.