Whether you’re a leader of Infrastructure & Operations for a large enterprise or a mid-sized business looking to scale, you’ll likely have similar questions about multi cloud that need answers.
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Everyday more companies are adopting public cloud computing to improve agility and reduce their data center footprint. However, this leaves many finance professionals with the monumental task of tracking and managing cloud computing costs.  
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In this eBook we will focus on defining containers and use cases that you can leverage containers for. As well as give you a checklist for determining if you are ready for container adoption.
To put it simply, when you purchase an Azure reservation you’re essentially purchasing a coupon. Azure Reserved VM Instances allow you to make a commitment to utilize specific virtual machine instance types in return for a discount on your compute costs. The benefits? Savings and prioritized...
The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) created the Service Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) examination as a way for companies to establish themselves as trustworthy when managing customer data.
Whether you are a veteran or a novice when it comes to reserved instances (RIs), you’re still faced with the same challenges. As your cloud usage grows, so do your costs. What seemed like a cost-effective and scalable solution can quickly feel overwhelming. No two companies are exactly alike and...
4 Questions to Answer Before Migrating to AWS

4 Questions to Answer Before Migrating to AWS

Getting ready to migrate to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud? You aren’t alone. Check out this eBook for four key migration planning questions.
6 Policy Types for Governing Your AWS Environment
Often, the rapid rate of change and scope of complexity is beyond what humans can tackle in any scalable fashion. The only way to manage these dynamic environments is to set up guardrails that allow you to manage by exception. This allows you to manage your environment in a relatively hands-off...
9 Best Practices for Reducing Spend in Azure
The first step to combating cloud infrastructure costs is to gain visibility across your entire organization’s cloud spend by line of business. This allows you to hold individual departments accountable for their cloud usage. Once you’ve identified the areas of high and/or rapidly growing costs,...
10 Best Practices for Reducing Spend in AWS
Although moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS) can provide huge benefits in agility, responsiveness, simplified operations and improved innovation, many mistakingly assume that migrating to the public cloud will lead to cost savings. In reality, organizations need to implement management, governance...