When the Cloud Honeymoon Has Ended; Successfully Operating in a Cloud Environment

Our Investment in CloudHealth Technologies

Posted by Ariel Tseitlin

CloudHealth Technologies Cloud AccelerationNetflix, a company that accounts for over a third of all downstream internet traffic in the US at peak, is widely regarded as a pioneer in the cloud. I had the privilege to manage the Cloud Solutions team at Netflix through 2013, looking after streaming operations and cloud tooling. I, along with others at Netflix, often spoke publicly about Netflix’s migration to the cloud, as we were one of the first to move major infrastructure to the cloud.

Migrating from the data center into the cloud was no easy task, but the hard work emerged after we were functioning in the cloud. Only then did we fully appreciate the complexity of running a globally-distributed, always-on end-user service on top of an elastic software-defined infrastructure. From the start, the cloud-based service was superior to the same service running in Netflix data centers. But we quickly realized the added complexity and management of operating in the cloud.

This led us to build tools like Asgard, ICE, Chaos Monkey, and the rest of the Simian Army, all of which are now a part of NetflixOSS. Back then, Netflix was a trailblazer and early adopter of the cloud. Now, more and more “traditional” enterprises are going all-in the cloud.

Since leaving Netflix and joining Scale Venture Partners, I have been on the lookout for a company that encapsulates the best practices and tools we developed at Netflix for highly-available and efficient cloud operations because many companies prefer to buy instead of build. I’m thrilled to have found it in CloudHealth Technologies. Today, we announced a 12M investment in the company to help support customer acquisition and expansion of the platform.

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